Three exciting events + 3 nights at Westgate Las Vegas ...

BROCCOLI REVEALED - Clues discussion. Spoilers for BROCCOLI only. CLUES REVEALED SERIES #4.10

Broccoli is Paul Anka! Let's discuss how the clue packages related to him.
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[Prompt] Voldemort is reborn in more than one way at the graveyard

"I'm really sorry that I had to put you through this Harry," said Voldemort, "But I really needed your blood. However, I'll let you go now. This new chance to live again haha opened my eyes to what's my real purpose in life"
In which Voldemort reborns into the most selfless man on earth and tries to do good all around.
"But my Lord, you have to stop," hurried Lucius, "This new side of you is against all you stood for before. And besides, you if you keep using all your magic to use aguamentis trying to stop every forest fire in the world you're going to kill yourself of magical exhaustion!"
"It's a risk I'm willing to make." Voldemort answered, "Now continue helping or I'll end you and any Death Eater who disobeys my commands!"
Dumbledore is of course skeptical of Tom's change of heart and travels the world trying to discover Voldemort's real agenda. In an attempt to reveal him as a fraud to Harry and the world.
Chaos ensues when Albus follows Voldemort to a Climate Change convention in Las Vegas, where Voldemort is giving a lecture to convince the world of the need for tougher emissions regulations. Dumbledore takes the trio there to expose Voldemort publicly once and for all. Suddenly, an anti-climate change legislator is found dead and no one knows who did it. Voldemort and Dumbledore go head to head in the most epic duel of all times, this time with words and scientific evidence instead of wands. Ron tries to make a move on Hermione but is distressed when he finds all of his family arrived in the same hotel as a surprise. Harry is haunted to be on the room next to Lockhart. Meanwhile Neville is hit by a hex from Bellatrix, which compels him to gamble. Ginny and Luna hurry through the casino trying to stop him. And what is Lucius plan to make Voldemort evil again? And why does it require a Las Vegas priest and 5 gallons of premade mango margarita?
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[S] King's Survivor Atlantis: The Final Reckoning

Right after Winners at War, we are kicking off the endgame with our last newbie season, which takes place in Greece, just like the first season. 18 new castaways will face off, and there will be a returning twist, the Edge of Extinction, but this time, there will be no returnees. It will be just 18 castaways forced to battle the elements and each other, with minimal twists other than the EOE, and the fire making challenge. Without further ado, we will see who will be competing on this season!
Fotia (Greek for Fire) Tribe:
Ava Vasquez, 59, Kindergarten Teacher, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Mother of two, grandmother of seven, Ava is a very kind individual. She made it her goal to help her children in any way, shape or form she could, wanting to give those she loves the best life possible. Even to the point of prioritizing their well being over her own. She always wanted to make a difference, and eventually became a kindergarten teacher in order to help make the years of said toddlers the best she could. Ava still remembers her kindergarten teacher, a kind and warm individual, and she hopes to be seen the same way as her.
Darleen Rojas, 38, Retail Manager, u/Ripecornball60
Darleen was the popular girl in school when she was young. She was a pageant queen, and planned to be a model when she was older. She got through the rigorous casting process to become a model, but sadly fell short at the final call, where she found out she had breast cancer. Going through Chemotherapy was a life changing experience. She lost her hair, her passion, and her job opportunity. She worked at a Retail store for 3 years, until she had a flirt with the manager. He promised her the store in exchange for her "assets". She accepted the offer, and Darleen became the store manager. The previous manager and her dated for 3 more months, until the worst happened. She found him cheating on her. This caused her to break up with him, and kick him out of working for her. Trying to fill his hole in her heart, Darleen used an abandoned break room in her store, and transformed it into a nightclub club she calls the "Hidey Hole". There, she has 1 night stands with women and men alike. She is out here due to one of her "clients" saying someone as manipulative as her could win.
Ellie Ruchkin, 24, Bowling Alley Worker, u/Jckboy100
Ellie is a super nice girl, to almost everyone... however, if you do anything to cross her, she won't forget it. Growing up as an only child made her learn how to entertain herself, and learn how to take care of herself when her parents weren't around. She wants to play this game to see if she has what it takes to win the title and check that comes along with it.
Erik LeFort, 34, Writer, u/Gemini_B
Erik grew up in a typical family. At a fairly young age he realized he was gay, but was luck that his family supported him. That, alongside with supportive friends helping him overcome the few bullies he faced, he wants to be a beacon of hope for gay people everywhere and want's to show what a loving family can do. Despite his want to help others though, he's not afraid to play dirty if it get's him further in the game.
Ethan "EJ" James, 20, College Student, u/JTsidol
Ethan was always struggling In life, that never allowed him to do anything, his dad was extremely angry at him, after his mother died at birth, blaming the death on him, when he was 7 he began abusing him, until at 17 he ran away, now he‘s studying hard to finish college, and he hopes he can get the money to help him study and have a better life.
Kim Juri, 35, Poker Dealer, u/Gemini_B
Kim Juri grew up with a fairly poor family and at a young age secretly turned to gambling to support her family. She got very good and became a poker dealer at a casino. She wants to destroy this game because she knows how to lie, cheat and play dirty. She's here to win, and nothing will stop her.
Krista Ayers, 34, Unemployed, u/breadon17
Krista is a single mom of four, so life isn't very easy for her. She can't find a job and she has an abusive boyfriend who is trying to take everything she knows and loves. She applied for Survivor so that she could get the money she needs to survive and feed her kids.
Kyle Simmonds, 26, Poker Player, u/asiansurvivorfan
Kyle was raised in a very divided home with his parents constantly fighting, and his Dad being an alcoholic. This caused him to start taking part in things he shouldn’t be taking part in like gangs, drug, theft, etc. When he was 20, everything changed for him when his friend signed him up for a local poker tournament. He was reluctant at first, but decided to give it a shot. He surprised everyone including himself at that tournament, as he completely dominated and won. This really gave him the boost he needed in life as he proceeded to continue his success by winning more tournaments and at a higher level too. He plans on handling the game like a poker match and wants to bring all his cards to the table.
Vaso Dragovic, 45, Journalist/Former Yugoslav Soldier, u/Twig7665
Vaso was born in Serbia, which was in the once prosperous country of Yugoslavia in the mid 1970s. He lived a normal life up until his teen years, where he watched the country he once knew as a dream turn into a nightmare. The country became a war-torn hellscape, and he was forced to join the military at the young age of 16. He witnessed countless atrocities, and to escape the war, he had to smuggle himself onto a boat bound for the United States in 1996. With no food, no money, and no shelter, he joined a gang to get himself what he needed to survive. After over a year of selling drugs and being in a gang, he left it and went to go live in a rehab facility until he was was 29, in 2004. He then began work to try and fit back into society. He now works as a journalist for a news company. He signed up for the show to see if he has the skills to win it.
Pouli (Greek for Bird) Tribe:
Alfred "Void" Vallentino, 28, Magician, u/swoldow
Alfred grew up on the streets of Las Vegas in poverty, with both of his parents as struggling actors. To make a few extra dimes, he started to teach himself basic magic to perform on the streets and sometimes skipped school to make more money. He was extremely bullied at school for his passion and lack of money, which led him to be socially isolated from everyone else. He grew more attached to his magic, as he kept working harder and harder until a famous magician with a Vegas show caught wind of his act, and let Alfred open for him. Since then, Alfred has rose to the top of the food chain, and began to experiment with his suspenseful acts to make the audience feel all sorts of emotion.
Katrina MacQuoid, 58, Prosthodontist, u/Gemini_B
Katrina’s parents we’re performers in Kentucky. They lived and breathed theater and expected their daughter to be the same. Though Katrina loved being the center of attention, and still does, she never loved the stage the way her parents did. Her parents wanted her to continue to pursue something arts related, and she became an advertising adjective, but never felt satisfied. When she learned that Kentucky was looking for jobs in the dental field, she felt it would be a perfect field to enter. She always found teeth interesting, I mean, are they bones? But they fall out? So weird. She returned to school at age 35 and became a Prosthodontist at age 43. She’s worked as a Prosthodontist since then and (While not at the level of Peter) has a firm understanding of the most important hole in the human body, the mouth. While she’s liked by many people because of her fun personality, she has trouble forming 1 on 1 bonds and has never found the special one. As a child she often got in trouble for anger issues with her parents, so she began to hold in her anger and let it out in huge, uncontrollable fits when her parents weren't around. This holding in of anger until she can’t contain it is a habit she continues to have, blaming her rages on “Hurricane Katrina” as a sort of justification of her actions. She’s never left Kentucky and while she’s very book smart, she can often be very ignorant on other subjects.
Lila Herring, 21, Secretary, u/AngolanDesert
Lila is a very competitive spirit. She always wants to challenge herself and see how far can she can make it. When she saw that survivor auditions were going out, she knew she could win and provide for her poor family.
Lukas Reed, 24, College Student, u/Jck100
Lukas Reed is a shy, humble young man. Coming from a devastating childhood with the loss of his young sister, him and his dad suffered hard. This shaped him into the man he is today, coasting through college, now he wanted something to step out of his comfort zone and try out this highly social game, and see how he can do.
Luther Dane, 32, Fisherman, u/Twig7665
No one knows much about Luther, due to his tendency to keep everything he knows a secret, and it causes people to see him as a strange loner, a title he does not mind. He was in a car accident in his teen years that killed everyone in the car but him, and he began to think of himself as an untouchable person, someone who could survive almost anything. This caused him to grow reckless when he's not fishing, and made several poor choices in his twenties, including messing with police, which caused him to be sent to jail for several months for interfering with a cop's duty. Now out of prison, he continues to be reckless, but stayed away from police this time. Will his reckless personality help or hinder his journey on Survivor? Only time will tell.
Madyson "Maddie" Anderson, 25, Nurse, u/JTsidol
She’s lived a normal life, she wants some fun, she’s single, hoping that she can get a showmance to lower her target, then strike at the right time.
Marshall Keaton, 28, Marine Biologist, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Marshall was born to a loving family of five, being the oldest of three kids. His father, Dominic, always expected Marshall to follow in the family's footsteps and become a lawyer, just like his old pops. At a young age, Marshall never seemed to agree with his father's plan - being a lawyer is so boring, bro! He went through the entire process, getting accepted to law school, only to then drop out.
Marshall and his father got into a massive argument about it, and Marshall ended up leaving his home afterwards. They are still not on speaking terms.
Marshall then studied to become a marine biologist, as he always found sea creatures to be fascinating.
Now with a girlfriend of 2 years, Marshall hopes to win the money for the both of them. He's got this, yo!
Nolan "NK" Kristoffson, 19, Drummer, u/Twig7665
Nolan was born the younger of twins to a large, fairly poor farming family. He was the youngest, and he resented most of his family. He saw his twin Matt as the antithesis of himself, and while he was able to go to college because of a football scholarship, Nolan had to drop out and help out at the farm. He finally had enough at the age of 18, and told his parents about him wanting to become a drummer, and his parents kicked him out, so he lived at his friend's house for the past year. They were able to get him a drumkit, and they formed a garage band. Inspired by his hard life being constantly outshined by his brother, he wrote angry, edgy lyrics, and they started performing gigs. He shortened his name to just his initials, and now drums for a living. He is playing King's Survivor to finally outshine his perfect twin brother.
Ximena Verez, 22, Fencer, u/asiansurvivorfan
Ximena grew up poor and therefore had to start earning money at an early age by delivering stock. On one of her trips, she was kidnapped and abducted by a group of men that worked for a wanted druglord and rapist. She along with her 3 fellow captives were beaten, abused, and raped for 4 years missing and undetected. After years of mistreatment, Ximena and the other captives were finally found and released. Although it was reliving to be free again, she was deeply traumatized by everything her captor did to her and had an extremely tough time trying to adapt to the real world again. She decided to seek help and was sent to a rehab facility where she got help relieve her trauma. One of the things she picked up was the martial arts which eventually developed into an interest in fencing. Despite it being a male dominated sport, Ximena was adamant on showing young girls they can accomplish anything no matter the hardships they’ve gone through. After her time in rehab, she managed to recover and now spends her time competing in championships all around the world. She came to be a voice for domestic abuse victims.
Link to Season
Episode 1: The eighteen new contestants are shipped into Greece, where they learn of the return of the Edge of Extinction, from the season of the same name. They are then split into their two tribes: the green Fotia tribe, which means "Fire" in Greek, and the orange Pouli tribe, which means "Bird". Ava, Darleen, Ellie, Erik, EJ, Kim, Krista, Kyle, and Vaso draw green buffs, and Void, Katrina, Lila, Lukas, Luther, Maddie, Marshall, NK, and Ximena's buffs are orange. They are then instructed to get as much stuff off the boat as they can, and Krista finds the advantage menu, which can give the user either a reward steal, an extra vote, or an idol. At Fotia, EJ tries to be a mafioso, so he bonds with Ava, and forms an alliance with Darleen and Kim. At Pouli, NK and Void bond very well over being outcasts, and they pull in Lila, Luther, Maddie, Marshall, and Ximena to form "The Outcast Alliance". The Fotia tribe wins the first immunity challenge of the season, forcing the Pouli tribe to vote someone off. Wanting to cut off the weak links as quickly as possible, NK suggests to get rid of Katrina, but Ximena gets the idea to split the votes in case one of them had the idol, and Void individually talks to both Katrina and Lukas to get them to vote each other, and also try to get one of them to play their idol, but neither of them have the idol, so at tribal council, Katrina becomes the first person sent to the Edge in a 5-4 vote.
Episode 2: Lukas tries to figure out who voted for him, so he tries to ask around his tribe, but does not get an answer and likely only angers his tribe. Void finds the hidden immunity idol so Lukas wouldn't, and he shows it to Maddie to make sure she's loyal to him. At Fotia, Ava and Ellie get into a bit of an argument, and EJ tries to get Ellie onto his side by talking to her. Vaso tries doing the same thing with Ava. Ava and Darleen form an alliance, as Darleen wanted to get her own numbers so she could topple EJ sooner rather than later. Once again, the Fotia tribe wins immunity, and the whole Pouli tribe is ready to vote out Lukas, since he's the only outsider and he has already proven himself to want to play way too hard, so Lukas is voted out 7-1.
Episode 3: After Lukas' vote out, the Outcasts must turn on one another, and the lowest in the pecking order was Maddie. At Fotia, people start to see Krista as an easy target, so both Erik and Ellie form fake alliances with her. Kim also leaves her alliance with Darleen and EJ after having a fight with the latter. Vaso, not trusting anyone, looks for and finds the idol. Pouli wins their first challenge of the season, winning the reward, but their winning streak is cut short before it even began, as the Fotia tribe wins immunity for the third time in a row. Maddie tries to manipulate Marshall into flipping from his side, to hopefully bring a few others with him, but Marshall stays loyal to the majority. Maddie becomes the third person voted out in a 6-1 vote, getting sent to the Edge.
Episode 4: When the tribes meet up again, a tribe swap is announced, and the purple Telikos tribe, which means "final" in Greek, is introduced. The Fotia tribe consists of four former Fotias- Ava, Ellie, Erik, and Kyle, and one Pouli- Marshall. On Pouli is three Fotias- EJ, Krista, and Vaso, and two Poulis- Lila and Luther. Finally, on Telikos is two Fotias- Darleen and Kim, and three Poulis- Void, NK, and Ximena. At Fotia, both Ellie and Kyle bond, and the two of them decide to form an alliance and pull in Erik. At Pouli, Krista makes it clear to Lila that she's going to flip, given how EJ had been controlling the Fotia tribe since the start of the game. This causes Lila to see Krista as a bit of a loose cannon, so she keeps an eye on her. At Telikos, Darleen finds the idol, and she keeps down about it, knowing that she's in the minority. NK impresses his team with his leadership, and he also bonds with Ximena. Pouli loses the immunity challenge again, which lowers morale significantly for them. When they get back to camp, Vaso decides on a whim to flip from his old alliance, seeing as he's not gonna vote in the majority if he doesn't. The new target is the mafioso himself, EJ. He tries talking to each of the tribe members individually to try and get them to vote Lila out, who has kind of became the punching bag of the season, but it doesn't succeed, and EJ becomes the fourth person voted out in a 4-1 vote.
Episode 5: Knowing that they are unified, the Pouli tribe are at peace-for now. At the Edge, Lukas finds a way to practice for the Edge challenge, which he finds very useful. Maddie also finds an extra vote that she could give to someone, but they won't be able to use it because reasons. At Telikos, Void and Kim bond over being from Vegas, and a new alliance is formed, with Darleen and Ximena, leaving NK on the outs of the tribe. At Fotia, Erik and Kyle bond strongly, and Ellie tries to get Marshall on her side to take out Ava if they were to lose, since she was the weakest in the tribe. Pouli loses the reward challenge, but Fotia loses the immunity challenge for the first time in the season. Marshall becomes torn between going with the majority and putting himself on the bottom or voting against the majority and still being on the bottom. Ultimately, he decides to go with the majority, thinking Ava didn't have the idol, which is true, she didn't. She becomes the fifth person voted out in a 4-1 vote. Back at camp, Ellie and Erik solidify their alliance by forming a final two deal. They think that since the last season they saw before they left was Blood Vs Water 3, which had a final two. On the Edge, Katrina finds an advantage to penalize who she thinks has the best chance at returning to the game. At Pouli, Vaso and Krista decide they need to stick together because they two Poulis were gonna get them one after the other if they didn't stick together. Lila becomes seen as an even bigger threat than she used to be, and Krista and Vaso try to pull Luther aside to try to convince him to flip on his alliance. He refuses to in secret. Fotia continues their losing streak by losing the reward challenge, but since the host announced that two tribes will be going to tribal council in a joint tribal council, Fotia fights tooth and nail to win the challenge, and they are able to succeed. The whole Telikos tribe decides that Krista is too much of a loose cannon to make it to the merge. Vaso and Krista target Lila, and Luther and Lila target Krista for being weaker than Vaso, as they don't know when the merge will occur. At tribal council, Krista is blindsided 7-2 and is sent to the edge.
Episode 6: The merge is announced. The 12 remaining contestants watch the first six castaways to be voted out compete in a challenge to return to the game, which Maddie wins despite being penalized by Katrina. Krista then raises her flag to leave the game, leaving the game first. The people who formed the Thymamai tribe, which means "remember" in Greek, are Void, Darleen, Ellie, Erik, Kim, Kyle, Lila, Luther, Maddie, Marshall, NK, Vaso, and Ximena. Luther decides to go rogue from his six person alliance, leaving them in a severe minority. Maddie tries to get a good relationship with Marshall again, and it works, but it causes most of the tribe to turn on her again. Lila finds the merge tribe idol, and like many before her, she keeps quiet because she does not want to attract more attention. Erik wins the immunity challenge, and when talking to others about the vote, he finds most people are content with just sending Maddie right back to the Edge. Maddie tries to target Kim, but does not succeed as she is voted out 12-1 and is sent back to the Edge.
Episode 7: After Maddie's blindside, cracks begin to form in the final twelve. While Erik tries to remain humble after his immunity win, which he succeeds in doing, soon people start to throw out names like there's no tomorrow. NK throws out Kim's name, Ximena throws out Kyle's, Darleen does the same with NK, and Kyle throws Marshall under the bus. At the first post-merge reward challenge of the season, a group of Void, Erik, Kim, Luther, Marshall, and Ximena win, and they get Chinese takeout. Darleen wins immunity, saving her from going to the edge for one more vote. The two biggest threats at the moment for the people still in the game were Kim and Kyle, because most people believed there was some sort of poker alliance going on between the two. As it turns out, there was a sort of alliance going on there, so the ten people who weren't in it decided to split the votes between Kyle and Kim, with seven votes on Kyle, who was much more physically strong than Kim, and three votes on Kim. Kim figures out this plan, and tells Kyle to play his idol if he has one, which he does not. Kyle votes for Marshall, and Kim votes for NK, leading to Kyle getting voted out 7-3-1-1. He chooses to stick around at the Edge.
Episode 8:Erik and Ellie get into a fight for whatever reason, and their alliance becomes no more. Ximena and Vaso both decide to help out with the tribe, causing their standing within the tribe to get better. Darleen tries making her relationship closer with Luther, wanting to have a good social game so she doesn't end up as a goat. Erik wins immunity for a second time, cementing his status as a challenge threat (which is really odd, since his challenge stats are on the lower side). People finally begin to catch on to how physically strong Vaso is, so a group of four, led by Void, consisting of him, Darleen, Kim, and Ximena, while another group of four, Vaso, Erik, Ellie, and Luther, vote for Lila, seeing her as an easy target. The rest, deciding that Kim would be better off on the Edge, vote for her. Both Vaso and Lila play their idols, and Kim is the ninth person sent packing in a 3-0-0 vote.
Episode 9: After Kim's vote out, Void, Ximena, and Darleen strengthen their trio to try and have a better shot at making it to the end. Void and Darleen also form a new alliance with Ellie, Erik, and Luther to give themselves the majority of the tribe. Marshall and NK start to form a bromance, and Darleen wins immunity again. Erik and his alliance plot to get rid of Lila, due to her status as an all-around threat and the fact that she could easily win with her story in the game. Void also tries unsuccessfully to get Vaso on board, he instead gets into a fight with Ximena and really hurts his standing in the tribe, causing him to gain enemies in Ximena, Lila, Marshall, and NK. He is saved when the majority, thinking that Lila happened to be the bigger threat, vote her out instead in a 5-4-1 vote. Back at camp, Darleen bonds with Ximena, and it causes Ximena to make the reckless decision to flip from her alliance and try to join Void and Darleen's. Still, she had a dislike for Luther that she could not shake. When Vaso wins immunity, she becomes the main target. Still not giving up, she talks to her rival Vaso to try and get him to help her vote out Marshall, which he agrees to do. Still, it is not enough, and Ximena becomes the eleventh person voted out in a 7-2 vote.
Episode 10: After Ximena's vote out, only eight remain in the game. They compete in a reward challenge, which Void, Darleen, Erik, and NK win. Seeing as Vaso and Marshall were more physically threatening than NK was, despite NK winning a reward challenge. After Erik wins immunity for the third time, he tries to get everyone to vote Marshall out. When Luther later bonds with Marshall, he feels remorse for doing so, but knows it must be done. Void is not told about the plan to blindside Marshall, and he thinks that Vaso is the person being voted out, as does NK. Nk also finds the idol. At tribal council, Marshall is voted out in a 5-3 vote, and for the first time in the season, Void was on the wrong side of the vote.
Episode 11: Luther shows everyone he can win challenges and wins the reward challenge. Then, Luther brings along Void and Darleen as to show that he is playing a loyal game and he can be trusted. When they get back, Luther does some damage control with Erik for not picking him, and they get back on good terms, and also have a stronger bond than before. Vaso tries to get people on his side to blindside someone that he didn't like, so he talks to NK first, and when it didn't work, he starts targeting him, but also talks to Erik. This conversation goes down a lot better, and it helps him convince Erik to go after NK. Erik then talks to Luther and Darleen about the plan to similar success. Void, Ellie, and NK himself decide that Vaso needs to go, and NK reveals to Void his idol. Erik wins immunity for the fourth time. At tribal council, NK plays his idol, and Vaso is sent to the Edge in a 3-0 vote.
Episode 12: After Vaso arrives at the Edge of Extinction, they receive letters they wrote to themselves before the game. Back in the actual game, NK wins a reward challenge, and he chooses too bring along Void and Erik, to try and get some allies, since he was almost voted out at the last tribal council. Unfortunately, only Void is willing to help NK, as Erik was closer to Ellie and Darleen. The Ellie/NK alliance dissolves after NK gets into an argument with her, and he loses another ally. Things get dire when he loses the immunity challenge to Void, leaving his only option, to find an idol. He does not find one, and he knows that he's most likely going at that point. NK tries to vote for Darleen, and Void throws a vote onto Ellie due to being too close to Darleen. In the end, NK becomes the final person sent to the Edge of Extinction in a 4-1-1 vote.
Finale: Void, Darleen, Ellie, Erik, and Luther await the return of the player from the Edge. Lila wins, and she becomes a target the instant she arrives back into the game. Luckily for her, she wins immunity, and she shares the reward with Void and Erik, intending to do what NK did in the previous episode. This time, it succeeds, and she gets both Void and Erik on her side. Luther joins their side as well. Darleen and Ellie vote for Void and Luther, respectively. The other people still in the game voted for Ellie, but Darleen plays her idol for Ellie, and a tie between Void and Luther occurs. Erik decides Void is the bigger target of the two, while Lila votes for Luther. It results in another tie, causing Darleen and Erik to draw rocks, and ultimately, Darleen becomes the twelfth member of the jury. After Darleen's shocking rock draw, the four of Void, Ellie, Erik, and Luther decide to stick together to take out Lila if she loses immunity, which she does, to Void. At tribal council, not wanting anyone to flip on his closest ally in Erik, Void plays his idol for him, causing no votes to be negated, and for Lila to be voted out in a 4-1 vote over Ellie. In the final immunity challenge, Erik makes a desperate deal to Void to take him to the final two, trying to downplay his great all-around gameplay as similar to Bao's from Cook Islands- someone who has a great physical and strategic game, but their social game has a lot to be desired, and Void agrees to the plan. Void then is able to beat out Erik in the final immunity challenge, and he keeps his word, sending Luther and Ellie to fire. Luther's survival skills aided him immensely in this final challenge, and he wins the fire making challenge with a handy lead. Ellie becomes the 14th and final member of the jury. Our third all male final three consists of Void, Erik, and Luther. Void is called out for trying to be seen as trustworthy, while being caught in multiple lies during the game. Luther's game is seen as weak all-around, since he followed Void and Erik and didn't really do much in the game. He does get some votes due to how bitter the jury is towards Void and Erik, and he gets Ava, EJ, Maddie, and Marshall's votes. Kim, NK, and Vaso all respected Void's game, so they voted him to win. Ultimately, Erik is voted the winner of the final newbie season of King's Survivor due to having a great social and physical game, and never receiving a vote throughout the entire game. He may not have had the best strategic game, but he didn't need it to win the game. Void wins the Fan Favorite for being the biggest personality of the season and for his robbery.
Winner: Erik LeFort, u/Gemini_B Fan Favorite: Alfred "Void" Vallentino, u/swoldow
For King's Survivor's last season, we will be going out with a bang. 20 memorable contestants who never won before will compete for one last chance at the million, and one will win. Who will be on this season? We will find out soon enough.
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Book Rey Mysterio If He Never Joined WWE in 2018 - Part 2: Booyaka

Part 1 here
In this part, we saw Rey Mysterio jump onto the scene of NJPW. He started off hot, taking on his two amigos in Jushin Thunder Liger and Hiroshi Tanahashi respectively. At King of Pro-Wrestling, he defeated Liger - but fell to The Ace in a match for his G1 Climax briefcase. He then won the IWGP United States Championship off of Cody to end his offspring of Bullet Club, and would embark on a title reign. He successfully defended against Bandido last time we saw him, and now he moves onto his next challenger.
Book Rey Mysterio If He Never Joined WWE in 2018 - Part 2: Booyaka
G1 Supercard:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii - IWGP United States Championship
Rey Mysterio skips out on the New Japan Cup, and instead prepares for the G1 Supercard. It will be the biggest show NJPW have held in America, and since he’s the United States Champion he will be defending. Rey ventures off to GCW for Joey Janela’s Spring Break, taking part in the Clusterfuck as a surprise entrant. On Night Two, after Janela faces off with Jungle Boy - he calls out Rey to a match for a later date. Mysterio doesn’t respond, instead he’s in Madison Square Garden to face off against a New Japan semi-finalist, Tomohiro Ishii. He lost to Okada in the semis, and is angry. He wants to take his anger out on someone, and the IWGP United States Champion is his next victim.
He fought in the inaugural title match but came up short to Kenny Omega, but now he has his chance to become the first Japanese man to hold it. After seeing Mayu Iwatani retain the Women of Honor Championship, we move to our next match - as Tomohiro Ishii walks out to a loud MSG pop. In the front row are Mysterio’s daughter, Aalyah and his wife. Then we see his son, Dominick, as a young lion at ringside. He got kicked in the head by Minoru Suzuki earlier so he’s just having a great time. They’re dad then enters out in the same gear he wore to the actual WrestleMania that weekend, as the villain “Mysterio” from Spider-Man Homecoming. He walks out with the gold Tomohiro lusts for, and rolls inside to pose with it on the second rope.
The bell is rung and Mysterio goes to lock up - BUT ISHII GRABS HIM INTO A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!! HE FOLLOWS WITH A BRIDGING GERMAN!! 1.........2.....KICK OUT BY REY REY!!! Mysterio is shocked at the sudden attack, and scurries up in the corner. ISHII GOES FOR A CLOTHESLINE BUT REY TURNS IT INTO A CRUCIFIX PIN!!! 1........ISHII KICKS OUT AND IS HIT BY A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!! REY WITH A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!! Rey regains and takes a moment to intake what’s happening, and GOES FOR A SHIRANUI!! ISHII COUNTERS WITH A SPIKE DDT!!! 1..............2..........KICK OUT INTO A POWERBOMB!!!! 1.............2..........TOMOHIRO LOCKS IN A BOSTON CRAB!! There is no escape for Mysterio from this rabid dog - who is hungry. Ishii locks in the hold and cinches it tighter.
The crowd are going nuts at these two guys fighting spirit. ISHII GOES FOR A GERMAN SUPLEX, BUT REY FLIPS OUT AND HITS A HEADSCISSORS!! HE GOES FOR A 619 - BUT ISHII SPINS HIM TO THE OUTSIDE!! TOMOHIRO RUNS THE ROPES, BUT IS HIT BY A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY!! He lifts Ishii up and runs the ropes, TO HIT A BULLDOG!! INTO A TORNADO DDT!! He calls for a 619, as Ishii crawls to the ropes. HE HITS IT!! HE DIVES FOR THE SEATED SENTON - BUT NO NECK TOM CATCHES AND HITS A BRAINBUSTER!!! 1...............2..............MYSTERIO KICKS OUT!!! Everyone explodes that Rey kicked out, and Ishii is still that angry dog - but he just got a whiff of a juicy steak. Tom lifts him up, looks him dead in his dead eyes - AND HEADBUTTS HIM TO SHIT!!
Tomohiro Ishii defeats Rey Mysterio (12:51)
PROGRESS Chapter 88: Super Strong Style 16:
Marty Scurll vs. Rey Mysterio
With his United States Championship lost, ending his 92 day reign, Mysterio heads away from Japan for a while to regain himself. He’s confirmed to show up at PROGRESS‘ Super Strong Style, but later revealed that he won’t actually participate - instead wrestle on the last night in a standard singles match with no prizes but merit. Meanwhile, his opponent is scheduled to be...Marty Scurll. A man who hasn’t appeared in PROGRESS in a long while, mainly because he’s in the middle of a ROH World Championship reign. Having begun his reign in June of 2018, Marty still holds it. He’ll return to PROGRESS for this night however, as he wants to face Rey…badly. After Dominion last year when Rey lost to Marty, he’s wanted to defeated him one on one. A year of wait, and he finally gets his chance. The ultimate hero vs. The ultimate villain, it’s like a comic book finale.
In the lead up, Marty cuts a promo on Mysterio. In it he is as snivelling as ever, offering his wife Angie a night with him and calling Dominick “a giant lummocks“. Then when the third night of the Super Strong Style 16 arrives, we hear Rey Mysterio’s entrance music for the first time in PROGRESS history, as he enters to a raucous pop from the Alexandra Palace. Alexandra Park in London lose their minds for the Lucha Libre legend, who comes out in Black Knight attire (a Marvel superhero from Britain). The fans love him and he shakes hand with Jim Smallman as he enters. Marty Scurll’s reception is mixed, but he certainly wants it to be vocally harsh. He takes beer out of fans hands and spits it at them, which certainly turns their reactions around.
The two men stare down after the bell is rung, a seismic stare. Rey puts his hand up with two fingers, but so does Scurll. They then both do the “2-0-5” taunt in sync. The crowd laugh, which Marty doesn’t like. He taunts on the second turnbuckle to earn their ire. Rey does the same and receives a good response. Scurll then jumps off and walks over to Rey - WHO DIVES AT HIM WITH A HURRICANERANA! They then run the ropes, AND MARTY CATCHES HIM WITH AN ARM DRAG HANDSPRING! MYSTERIO HITS HIS OWN ARM DRAG! Marty runs the ropes but Rey goes for a FRONT DROPKICK - but Marty halts so Rey misses the boat. SCURLL THEN DOUBLE FOOT STOMPS ON THE LUCHADORS FEET!! He lifts him up and starts to chop his chest.
Marty finishes the chops, AND THEN HITS A ROPE-ASSISTED ENZIGURI!! He stomps on Rey while he shouts at fans who boo him, telling them to be louder. He smashes his knee into a kneeling Rey, and then lifts him into a Gory Special!! REY ESCAPES WITH A SUNSET FLIP!! HE RUNS THE ROPES AND GOES FOR A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY, BUT SCURLL CATCHES WITH A SITOUT SUPLEX SLAM!! HE RUNS THE ROPES AND HITS A PENALTY KICK!! HE LOCKS IN AN OCTOPUS HOLD!! He wrenches on it, but Rey shuffles to the ropes. Scurll then slides outside to shout at a fan who insulted him. SCURLL IS THEN HIT BY A SUICIDE DIVE INTO A HEADSCISSORS BY MYSTERIO!! REY THROWS HIM INSIDE AND HITS A FROGSPLASH!!! 1................2............KICK OUT!!! MARTY DOESN’T DIE AFTER THE SURPRISE ATTACK!!
Rey is now out of his trance of being beaten down and is back in the fight. Scurll goes for a Wheelbarrow Bodyscissors but Rey counters with an Arm Drag! HE GOES FOR A SUNSET FLIP PIN BUT SCURLL BREAKS OUT WITH A LANZA!! SCURLL THEN LIFTS REY UP FOR A GERMAN SUPLEX!! HE CONNECTS, AND GOES FOR ANOTHER! BUT MYSTERIO FLIPS OUT AND HITS A HEADSCISSORS!! HE THEN CONNECTS A BASEBALL SLIDEFOLLOWED BY HEADSCISSORS!! Rey is on a roll as he dances like Eddie outside. Scurll goes to push him into a fans seat, but Mysterio ducks and PUSHES HIM INTO THE APRON!! They then fight there. Scurll knocks Rey off and CONNECTS A SUPERKICK FROM THE APRON!! HE THEN DIVES OUT WITH A MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR!!
Now they’re both on the ground. Scurll is dead and so is Rey. They crawl up by the fans laps. Scurll asks a fan to hold Rey in place as he lines up a Penalty Kick. MYSTERIO EVADES BEFORE THE KICK CONNECTS AND PUSHES HIM ONTO A GROUP OF FANS SEATS!! HE THEN DIVES OFF THE SECOND ROPE WITH A CROSSBODY - OVER THE FANS HEADS TO SCURLL!! They’re both even more dead than before and spend time climbing out of the wreckage, through fans and bent and fallen chairs. Rey navigates his way back while Marty writhes in the agony. Once back in the ring Mysterio dives for a Seated Senton - BUT IS HIT BY A SUPERKICK!! SCURLL HITS THE BLACK PLAGUE AND ROLLS INTO THE CROSSFACED CHICKENWING!! REY GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!! Scurll angrily lets go, throwing the luchador to the mat.
They roll outside to recover after the big rush of counters. Scurll is first up and walks over to Rey’s daughter and wife. He tries to chat them up, BUT REY TURNS HIM AROUND INTO A THROW INTO THE RING POST!! HE HITS A BIG BOOT INTO THE STEEL!! Rey then sets up a wooden table, and brings Scurll up to the apron. They both trade forearms there. Marty jumps to the second rope, possibly looking for a TORNADO DDT!! REY BRINGS HIM DOWN AND HITSMA HURRICANERANA OFF THE APRON!! SCURLL CRASHES DOWN THROUGH THE WOODEN TABLE ONTO THE WOODEN FLOOR!! Scurll grabs his back in utter agony, his spine crushed by the wooden table and floor. Rey then picks him off the mat and rolls him inside.
Marty Scurll defeats Rey Mysterio (19:58)
Dominion 2019:
Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Rey Mysterio - IWGP Heavyweight Championship
At Wrestling Dontaku, we see Kazuchika Okada and SANADA face off for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in Night Two’s main event on May 4th. Afterwards, Rey Mysterio appears on video where he says he will return to New Japan at Dominion to take on Okada for his IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The Rainmaker then states that in his post-match press conference, that he’s always wanted to face Rey Mysterio and that he’ll be happy to do it. Rey is a good and honourable man who deserves this title match after 25 years of wrestling. Okada is happy to give him the opportunity but makes sure Mysterio knows, he won’t win.
Later in the month is AEW’s Double or Nothing. The highly anticipated show features a plethora of talent and star studded match ups, after the Jacksonville and Las Vegas rallies individually. Rey Mysterio appears at neither however despite heavy rumour and speculation. However, to open the show we see the Casino Battle Royale. In this we get a bomb dropped on us - the debut of Mysterio in AEW. Entering as the Joker, he comes and cleans house. It comes down to him and Adam Page, who face off in a 5-minute long battle. The winner will face either Kenny Omega or Chris Jericho at All Out for the AEW World Championship so the stakes are high. In the end, Hangman eliminates Rey after a Buckshot and Superkick combo.
Then two weeks later is Dominion. For the first time ever, Rey Mysterio will challenge for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. After a hell of the show we reach the main event. We’ve seen Dragon Lee vs. Will Ospreay, and Kota Ibushi vs. Tetsuya Naito, and now we’re here. Rey Mysterio cuts a promo earlier in the show about how this means the world to him, this opportunity, and that he needs to win. He will never get a chance like this again, and can’t waste it. Mysterio represents is no-nonsense ordeal, as he comes out dressed as The Punisher. He’s got the navy singlet, with a skull across it. His mask then has the skull as well on it. Mysterio taunts on the second rope, but then Okada comes out. It’s the same thing he felt against Tanahashi and Liger, just being in the presence of someone on another world.
When the bell rings, they don’t lock up straight away. They take in the magnitude of the stage and suck it all in. About a minute passes of this, before they lock up. They get into a collar and elbow, and Rey spins into a waist lock. Okada arm drags him off and cinches in a chinlock. Rey tries to flip out but Okada simply lowers down with him. HE THEN HITS A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!! Okada cinches in another chinlock. Rey gets up and Irish whips Okada to the ropes. The Rainmaker rebounds and connects a Shoulder Block to take Mysterio down. Rey gets up while Okada runs the ropes, and hits a HEADSCISSORS! Mysterio ducks under a clothesline and cinches the waistlock. He takes Okada down and applies a nerve hold, then hits a Spinal Tap!
Okada lifts himself up and runs the ropes for a Short-arm Lariat! Rey stumbles back and rolls into a VICTORY ROLL!! 1........2.....KICK OUT!! OKADA GETS UP WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK, AND THEN RUNS THE ROPES FOR A RONT DROPKICK INTO THE CORNER!! Mysterio takes a Bret Hart sell of falling on impact. OKADA LIFTS HIM FOR A FLAPJACK BUT REY FLIPS OUT AND HITS AN ARM DRAG!! HE RUNS THE ROPES BUT IS CAUGHT IN A WHEELBARROW !BODYSCISSORS, THAT IS COUNTERED WITH A BULLDOG!! FLYING HEADSCISSORS BY MYSTERIO!! HE RUNS THE ROPES BUT OKADA HITS THE FLAPJACK AND FOLLOWS WITH A MILLION DOLLAR DROPKICK!! Okada then lifts Mysterio up and throws him to the corner, and starts to apply shoulder blocks.
Okada Irish whips Mysterio who LEAPFROGS THE RAINMAKER AND HITS A MYSTERIO-EXPRESS!!! 1..........2.......KICK OUT!! OKADA WITH ANOTHER SHORT-ARM LARIAT!! Okada connects a European Uppercut to a kneeling Rey! This is the cut off, and The Rainmaker starts to stomp down on him. He lifts Mysterio up and Irish whips Rey, who jumps to the second rope AND DIVES OFF WITH A DIVING HURRICANERANA!!! OKADA ROLLS THROUGH AND CONNECTS A OPEN HAND CHOP!! DROPKICK!! HE LIFTS REY UP FOR A BACKBODY DROP BUT MYSTERIO EVADES AND HITS A SPINNING WHEEL KICK!! Rey is back in the fight, and runs the ropes for a RUNNING CROSSBODY!! HE HITS A TILT-A-WHIRL TORNADO DDT!! 1..........2........KICK OUT!!!
Rey pulls himself up by the ropes, hoping the comeback got him. He punches the air, but lifts The Rainmaker up. He heads to the apron and awaits Okada - BUT SUNSET FLIPS OVER! REY ROLLS HIM AND HITS A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! Mysterio then runs the ropes but OKADA WITH A BIG BOOT!! HE HITS THE HEAVY RAIN!! 1........2.........KICK OUT!!! REY PULLS HIMSELF UP AND HITS A LOU THESZ PRESS!! HE GOES FOR A SHIRANUI - BUT OKADA DUMPS HIM ONTO THE MAT!! Rey doesn’t get up from that one, feeling the pain. Okada stomps on him and kicks the head, THEN GOES FOR A DDT!! MYSTERIO SLIDES OUT AND HITS A HEADSCISSORS!! HE RUNS THE ROPES AND CONNECTS THE 619 OUT OF NOWHERE!! He climbs the ropes and points to the crowd - DIVING SPLASH!! 1.........2.........KICK OUT FROM THE RAINMAKER!!!
Rey gets desperate to end it and HITS A BASEBALL SLIDE TO THE OUTSIDE!! HE FOLLOWS WITH A SUICIDE DIVE INTO A HEADSCISSORS!! Okada falls into the guardrail both times, feeling the steel on his back. Rey goes to Irish whip but Okada reverses into his own. Rey then hops the guardrail and awaiting to see what Okada does. OKADA THEN DIVES OVER THE GUARDRAIL WITH THE SCOOBY DOOBY DOO!!! They both lay dead, as the referee counts down from 20. Eventually they get back up, after a lot of stumbling and tumbling. They get back in and REY DIVES WITH THE WEST COAST POP!! 1.........2.......OKADA ROLLS OUT OF IT WITH REY ON HIS BACK!!! ALABAMA SLAM!!! KICKOUT!!! HE LOCKS IN THE DEEP IN DEBT BUT REY GETS OUT!! HE RUNS TO THE CORBER BUT SO DOES OKADA WHO HITS A RUNNING BACK ELBOW!! HE THEN CONNECTS THE AIR RAID CRASH NECKBREAKER!!! 1...............2.............KICK OUT!!!!
Kazuchika Okada defeats Rey Mysterio (26:13)
Fyter Fest 2019:
The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) vs. Rey Mysterio and The Lucha Brothers (Fénix and Pentagon Jr.) - Six-man Tag Team Match
With the launch of All Elite Wrestling, many peoples attention have been grabbed. Double or Nothing as we know saw Rey Mysterio make his shock debut to open the main show as the Joker slot in the Casino Battle Royale. Him and Hangman Adam Page had a war as the final two, ending with Page winning. Now comes Fyter Fest, however this scheduled match between The Elite and The Lucha Bros/Pac has been altered. Pac pulls out and so the replacement is revealed on The Road To Fyter Fest, where Rey Mysterio is interviewed and then he announces he will be the partner of the Lucha Bros. This is the official main event of Fyter Fest, as the actual last match is Unsanctioned.
The Young Bucks enter first dressed as Ryu and Ken each, both posing on the stage until…the lights go down. A fan walks on stage, but then they go down again. KENNY APPEARS AS AKUMA’S RAGING DEMON!! He holds the finger gun over the fans body and makes his way down to the ring with his Elite stablemates. Then comes The Lucha Brothers. On the stage are Fénix and Pentagon dressed in their skull masks and hoodies. They both walk out but point to the centre, WHERE OUT COMES REY MYSTERIO!! Rey unhoods from his blue cloak to reveal his normal mask. He is dressed as Death from the Castlevania series in line with the whole skeleton aesthetic as well as for the video game tie-in.
“Round 1 – FIGHT!” yells Justin Roberts as Nick Jackson and Rey Mysterio start us off. They go into a lockup and start to push forward and back. Nick lifts himself to the second rope and tightropes it, before jumping down with an Arm Drag. Rey rolls through with that but jumps back in a Rana. They both run the ropes but Nick leapfrogs and Mysterio rolls under, then springboards off with a Crossbody. A cover goes nowhere and Nick kips up for his own arm drag, followed by a Back Body Drop that Rey flips out of. They then go to a stalemate at this point and reposition in their respective corners. Kenny whispers to Nick while Mysterio stretches on the ropes. They both then move forward to the centre.
Rey hits an Overhead Chop and follows with an Open Hand to the chest. He does this while maintaining wrist control. He then hits a Roundhouse Kick and an Enziguri, and runs up the ropes, then dives off with a CROSSBODY! Nick goes for a Superkick once up, but Rey spins him into a Spinning Wheel Kick attempt, which Nick spins and they HIT STEREO SUPERKICKS!! THEY THEN DOUBLE DOWN WITH CLOTHESLINES!! While their down, in come the others. EVERY TRIO IS IN THE RING AND A BRAWL BREAKS LOOSE! Kenny and Penta are going at it while Matt and Fénix do battle. They trade slaps and chops and kicks, until Mysterio and Nick are back up. REY HITS A AIR MYSTERIO TO NICK JACKSON!! The Lucha Bros then hit Superkicks to Kenny and Matt to take them outside. ALL THE LUCHADORS THEN DIVE OUT AFTER THE ELITE!!
They all enter the ring and isolate Matt. The Bros hit Superkicks and hold him in place for a MYSTERIO EXPRESS!! Nick comes inside but is hit by a Hook Kick, and then with a SEATED SENTON FROM REY!! FÉNIX WITH A DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT TO NICK!!! 1……..2…..KICK OUT!!!!! The Bros roll out and Nick and Mysterio keep going. They trade forearms, until Rey tags in Fénix. Fénix comes in hot with a Springboard Front Missile Dropkick to Nick. He looks for a double team with Pentagon, BUT NICK HITS THEM BOTH WITH A DROPSAULT!! HE TAGS IN MATT! MATT COMES IN WITH A TOPE CON HILO TO BOTH GUYS!1 HE HITS A NORTHERN LIGHTS ON PENTAGON WITH AN O’CONNOR ROLL ON FÉNIX!! 1………2……KICK OUT!! HIM AND NICK THEN HIT DOUBLE SLINGSHOT SITOUT FACEBUSTERS!!
Matt then gets a tag to Kenny Omega. OMEGA IS IN! Kenny runs straight forward with a Dropkick to Pentagon sending him outside. He hits a Backbreaker to a tagged in Mysterio , 1……2….KICK OUT!! HE GOES FOR THE YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!! BUT IT IS INDEED ESCAPED! MYSTERIO DIVES OFF THE TOP WITH A MOONSAULT!! Kenny recovers himself, BEFORE DIVING OUTSIDE WITH A RISE OF THE TERMINATOR TO PENTAGON!! PENTAGON CUTS HIM OFF! Cero…Miedo – AND THEY START TO FIGHT ON THE OUTSIDE!! They go to the apron where Pentagon lays in some chops, BUT OMEGA WITH A KOTARO KRUSHER ON THE APRON!! THE BUCKS THEN SEND FÉNIX TO THE FLOOR WITH A BACK BODY DROP + CANNONBALL SENTON COMBO!!
Now all The Elite are inside and isolate Rey Mysterio. The Elite triple team him, with Matt and Nick holding Rey in place for A V-TRIGGER!! FOLLOWED BY A GERMAN SUPLEX!! KENNY HITS THE YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!! MATT FOLLOWS WITH A TOP ROPE ELBOW AND NICK WITH A SWANTON!!! 1………2……KICK OUT!!!! They pick him up and The Bucks try to double team. MYSTERIO MOVES AND MATT SPEARS NICK!! ENZIGURI FROM MYSTERIO TO OMEGA!! HE TAGS IN PENTAGON!! Pentagon comes in and chops everyone, and then hits a Double Japanese Arm Drag on Matt and Nick! SUPERKICK TO KENNY FOLLOWED BY A LUNGBLOWER!! Kenny rolls out, but then FÉNIX SPRINGBOARDS TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A TORNILLO TO OMEGA!! REY FOLLOWS WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!! PENTAGON THEN HITS A LANZA TO MATT BACK IN THE RING AND COVERS! 1………2…….KICK OUT!!!
The Lucha Brothers and Rey Mysterio defeat The Elite (20:20)
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #5: Round 1 Match 12 Alexis and Cybil Vs Admiral Pineapples and Rudolph

“届けて, 切なさには名前をつけようか ‘Snow halation!’”
The harpoon lodged itself into the Ocean Soul’s chest following a powerful toss from Pork Soda, the beast desperately trying to hit the tether to destroy it and release the harpoon, to no avail. The Ocean Soul had underestimated its opponents, who were currently singing some sort of song, perhaps a sort of war cry, meant to display their superior strength.
“想いが重なるまで待てずに, 悔しいけど好きって純情”
It had to do something! It released the Calamus Root in store within its mouth, ready to spit it out, before Sayonara Kodoku picked the Ocean Soul up, shut its mouth tight, and tossed it over to Pork Soda. With a thrust of its fingers, the porcine stand pierced the Ocean Soul’s eyes, blinding it.
Then, the two stands rushed at it, sending forwards a barrage of blows, breaking bones, claws, and disorientating it, before getting ready for a finisher. Pork Soda picked the Ocean Soul up by its tail and began spinning around, the rapid movement disorientating the fish and sending it closer and closer to its doom.
No, no! It couldn’t let this be! The Ocean Soul was a hunter, and even if its prey had gotten a leg up on it this time, it wasn’t going to give up! It could barely remain conscious under the pressure as the porcine stand spun it around, its already severe wounds getting exacerbated, but it had to do something!
Just one shot! Just one precise shot and it could use the opportunity to escape, to recover! The porcine stand was spinning it around by its tail, so the Ocean Soul could calculate the stand’s position! It just needed to regain its bearings, focus on getting a shot aimed, and it could use its spit to-
With a brutal impact, the Ocean Soul was slammed into a nearby rock. It felt itself sinking in the water as the two stands approached it, its imminent doom coming closer and closer with every movement they made.
It needed to escape, but it couldn’t bring itself to move. The two stands made their way towards it, floating above the ground as they loomed over the barely conscious beast.
Was this going to be it for the Ocean Soul?
“微熱の中 ためらってもダメだね, 飛び込む勇気に賛成 まもなく start!”
Like hell it was.
Gathering the little remaining energy it had, the Ocean Soul spat out the Calamus Root stored within its mouth, mixed with its saliva. Hitting the ground underneath the two stands, two long spikes quickly sprouted out of it and towards their bodies.
Though Sayonara Kodoku’s tough skin didn’t get pierced, the force of the growing spike sent it flying into the air, incapacitating it, if only for a moment. Meanwhile, Pork Soda wasn’t as lucky as it, the spike piercing through the left side of its body, tearing through its left leg and shoulder. The Ocean Soul couldn’t hear anything from underwater, but it was sure that its user was reeling in pain right about now.
Using the remainder of its energy, the Ocean Soul bolted away, desperately trying to remain conscious as it swam away from what it once considered its prey. It didn’t even look backwards, fearing that doing so would give its opponents the time they needed to finish it off for good. It didn’t even keep track of how far it swam, or for how long its opponents had chased it, or if they had done so at all. Its body was searing in pain, broken bones and wounds all over it.
Eventually, it couldn’t bring itself to swim any further, losing consciousness and sinking down into the ocean, not even the searing pain keeping it awake as it began to rest.
The Ocean Soul had lost, but this wasn’t the end of the beast. Though barely, it had managed to escape this encounter with its life.
The results are in for Match 10. The winner is…
‘Agnes’ Bayley and Prince Cosmo, with a score of 80 to the Ocean Soul’s 60!
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Players 25-5 The word of the voterbase was clear: the vast majority felt that the Ocean Soul was handily defeated by the players.
Quality Players 23-22 Reasoning
JoJolity Ocean Soul 22-23 Reasoning
Conduct Tie 10-10
“AAAAGH! GODDAMIT, STUPID FUCKING FISH!!” Agnes screamed in pain while clutching his leg, body strewn onto the nearest island, carried by Sayonara Kodoku. “IT STABBED THROUGH MY GODDAMN LEG!! FROM THE FOOT, TO MY WAIST, TO MY FUCKING SHOULDER! AAARGH, DAMMIT, WHERE’S JENNY WHEN YOU NEED HER!!”
“You should be happy we got away with our lives. The Ocean Soul isn’t going to come finish us off any time soon after what we did to it.”
“OH, REAL RICH COMING FROM THE ONE WHO DIDN’T GET STABBED IN THE FUCKING LEG BY THAT MONSTER. DO YOU WANT ME TO STAB YOU AS WELL SO YOU CAN SEE HOW IT FEELS?!” Agnes started rummaging around his surroundings with his right hand, searching for a sharp object to use for his “demonstration”.
“Frankly, you deserve it. Don’t forget that you are the cause for this all. Were it not for your foolishness, Webb would still be alive, and this would not have happened to you.” Cosmo chided.
“PFFF- WHATEVER!” In between his heavy breathing and pained cries, Agnes let out an audible sigh. “Fffffuck this, I’m gonna check my phone to see if there’s any connection here so that we can get the hell out of this place ASAP!” Agnes picked up his phone and pulled it up, taking a look at it.
“That will not be necessary. There is no connection here anyways, and I am certain that a helicopter has been sent out to retrieve us, or at the very least ascertain what might have happened to-” “Shut up, I’m getting a message from Cairo. ‘Don’t worry, Agnes, we have sent your location over to Vitus, and help should arrive in about fifteen minutes.’” Agnes looked at his phone in confusion. “Vitus? Who’s that asshole?”
“Vitus is the man who sent the helicopters out. The one which you indirectly crashed. Nonetheless, let me see that - I have a hard time believing that your phone is capable of picking up a signal when we’re so far away from any cellular towers.”
“And why should I care about what you believe, huh? Here, take a look for yourself!” Agnes shoved the phone in front of Cosmo's face, the dog looking intently at it and seeing… nothing beyond a simple homescreen. “What is this supposed to be. This is your phone’s home screen, and though that horrendous chimera at its center is an affront to anything and everything I believe in, there is no notification here. Could it be that you are perhaps hallucinating from the pain?”
“Wh- you can’t see it?! Don’t fuck with me!” Looking at the dog’s deadpan expression, Agnes could tell that that wasn’t the case. He looked over at the phone, spotting it right there, as clear as day - a notification for an sms from Cairo themselves, containing what he read out loud! “Fuck you, I’m not hallucinating! If anything, you are!”
Cosmo was about to retort, when he spotted something over the distance - a sailboat. It was old and decrepit, seemingly having gone through significant damage and yet still remaining intact, somehow. It clearly didn’t belong to Vitus, and likely wasn’t Cairo’s either. On the boat, he saw a silhouette of a haggard man, but the distance meant that he couldn’t exactly tell exactly what he looked like.
“Someone is coming.”
It wouldn’t be much longer before Agnes and Cosmo were able to get back onland, learn what terrible things they’d missed, even if they still had a wait and a talk ahead of them. Left to nurse grievous wounds, this seaborne menace has seen this chapter of aggression momentarily closed, but further inland, the waters of a laundromat are being braved by a time traveler and a woman in chains.
Sound’s Garden Eastern Strip - A Golden Limousine
The evening was beginning to set in, the lights of the islands of the area beginning to flash on and dot the sky as two women rode through the city, looking out through the windows as they relaxed in luxury. Cybil Antoine was one to travel in style, and now, with a companion in tow, was no exception.
“A strip that absolutely comes alive at night… Makes me feel almost nostalgic for Vegas,” her redheaded travel companion mused as she looked out, “speakin’ of which… you ever play anything like that, Cyby? Cards, slots, so on. We could try Heartache Casino, maybe, if we have time sometime… I bet you’d just have to throw your name around to get up on its higher floors.”
“It’s Cybil,” the wealthy woman emphasized, with an exhaustion begotten by this having been far from the first time, “or Miss Antoine… Either way, I am not a ‘Cyby.’ Get it right next time, alright?”
“Right, yeah, I know you’ve told me… I’m just a nicknamer by heart. Cross my heart, though! It won’t happen again!” Alexis Williams seemed… As serious as she could get about something like that, as curiously carefree, even devil-may-care, as the performer could get.
“Commit it to memory, then. Despite how much a fool you can act, I’m sure you know how much I had to pull to get you onto this stage.”
“Believe me, I do appreciate it!” Alexis answered, focus now turned away from the topic of gambling and onto that. “Putting on a show at one of the biggest stages in Los Fortuna, bigger than anything I’ve done before… I know our group has had some bad luck lately, with Bucket causing that trouble down at the fish market, and how down on herself Leo has been since that dumb show she said she got roped into, but we’re still the freakin’ Judecca Highrollers, right? I want to show the world that, and from their box, I want to show the rest of our team that we’ve got no better option than to face it all with a grin.”
“How very like you,” Cybil answered, neutral in her tone, careful not to betray the affection in such a statement as she pondered their current status, where they would be playing.
Alexis wouldn’t be headlining, unfortunately, though admittedly, her act wasn’t the sort of thing that did that anyway. Rather, a certain piece of immensely beloved local talent, a rocking performer who went by TD/MD, would be having her play immediately before her at the Alexander Dickinson Amphitheater, just a drive over a rapidly approaching bridge away. Cybil had been a little annoyed that one of her statues had been overshadowed by a plane crashing near it, not to mention had a desire to spread further the local influence of their team, and so she had arranged with the heads of the entertainment industry of Los Fortuna to see to it that her personal favorite performer among the allies and associates she’d made was onstage at the best possible place for a person wanting to be noticed.
She curled her lips at a cell phone which found its way to its hand, then, narrowing her eyes at its screen. “No word back from your backing band… Where are they? How inconsiderate not to send word on this, especially at how that Mr. Sins recommended them so glowingly.”
“I’m sure they’ll show,” Alexis answered, “and if not… We can make do, can’t we?”
“Of course,” Cybil answered, only to have her eye finally drawn back out the window by the sight of a vehicle which had pulled into the lane directly next to theirs as their limousine crossed the bridge.
Another golden limousine was directly next to them now, this one almost pointedly bigger, longer, more decked out in jewelry, and it seemed to be headed exactly the same way. Cybil, rather than confused or alarmed at the coincidence, simply thought aloud, “that would probably be Mr. Sins… Speak of the devil.”
“Amazing how quickly his casino recovered from nearly burning down…” Alexis mused aloud. “I heard that one of the people who trashed it sent him to the hospital, too.”
“An overreaction I’m certain, from what I know about the man. Absolutely terrified of a little pain, a little elbow grease… I’m not one to gossip, but I can’t help but wonder how a man like him even managed to become so prominent, so consistently successful.”
“Right,” Alexis answered, smirking and putting her finger up to her lips, “I won’t spread that around, then. I know how to schmooze with that type if the need arises.”
Los Fortuna Canals - The SS Sledge Sister
Admiral Pineapples was more comfortable on his own boat, but as far as the fleet of the Masters of Funky Action went, there was no real reason to send out more than one boat for this right now.
“Man, I can’t believe nobody else is ridin’ with me,” his companion, Rudolf Pavlova, said after downing an entire bottle of water in a single gulp, on the tail end of an hourlong keytar solo. “The rest of the Masters better at least make it to the Alexander! It’d really bum me out harder than when Wrenn shot me down if none a’them made it!”
Sorry, but I’m really more the headlining type! Playing second-fiddle to a man in a speedo opening for some local star sounds fun and all, but, I’d totally just overshadow them, I bet! So I should really probably stay out of it! That sentence, clear in its passive-aggressive scathingness, had put Wrenn Aflight’s declining of this gig pretty succinctly. As the man more or less everybody on the team could tolerate, listen to, and generally have a good time with, Admiral had been tasked with asking the other star performer of the team to join Rudolf on the gig he’d accepted opening up for locally beloved rock star and all-around idol TD/MD.
Not wanting to break Rudolf’s heart, he more or less told him the short version, ‘he couldn’t make it,’ and then volunteered his own services for the younger man. “You won’t be out there with none of your allies, though, Nureyev! For I, Admiral Pineapples, will aid you in coordinating every moment of your work! This will be one of the worthiest usages of my tactical mind in a long time, I’m sure!”
“I hope you’ve gotten those hour-long solos out of your system now, Nureyev,” Pineapples warned with an amused, lax tone, “you’re only going to have thirty minutes onstage before the headliner has to get ready, and there’ll be trouble if you bleed into that.”
“I know, I know,” Rudolf answered, casually, as he slipped into an open-chested bathrobe mainly meant to function as the legal requirement of public decency until it was time to perform, “I’m not one to step on anyone’s toes, let alone the star of the show. Live and let live, yeah?”
“I’m curious, though, and you never told me…” The Admiral asked, cracking open a beverage of his own and taking a sip, “how did you manage to get such a part as this in the first place?”
“Oh, that’s simple!” Rudolf said, the thought to answer having simply not occurred to him.
A few weeks ago - A beach in the Waterfront District.
“Alright! Thank you, Los Fortuna! I’m here all day, and all night, and all tomorrow too, baby! Party never stops!” Rudolf had just finished the latest of his performances to a small crowd of beachgoers, shredding through the end of his one-man keytar rendition of 2112 and transitioning into a truly epic medley of the extended Family Guy, American Dad, and Cleveland Show OPs.
As the crowd dispersed, a corporate suit-looking type of guy, bronze-skinned with neatly-groomed hair, remained, eyeing his keytar curiously and smiling artificially. “That was an excellent show, Mr… Pavlova, I think it was? You have such an undeniable energy about you that I can see when I lay eyes upon you… You’ve star material.”
“Am I being poached?” Rudolf asked, tilting his head, “‘cuz I assure you, I am a free agent! Not about to be scooped up by some label and forced to chill out the party churnin’ out music I don’t feel in my soul.”
“Nothing so abrupt, no… I’m a Manager, representing TD/MD. You can call me Thutmose. Anyway, she has a concert approaching rapidly, and we’re struggling and scrambling to find local, new talent and performers to open for her. We’ve managed to secure a lot of artists already, but the most important spot… Playing right before her… That, still, we have a particular need for, and I think you would serve it perfectly.”
“So I accepted!” In the present day, Rudolf finished, “why not, yeah? I can spread the party to tens of thousands at one of the biggest venues in town!”
“Scouted on the street, hm… That’s awfully lucky.” Something about this struck Admiral as odd, but he supposed it was all the more reason it was good he was backing his friend and ally up. He had a strong hunch there was more to it than appeared.
Rudolf’s party yacht would disembark soon, ported on the central-most island of the places which made up Sound’s Garden, and the party would make their way forward from there.
Sound’s Garden West Side - Outside the Alexander Dickinson Amphitheater
At the same time, a self-important first step was taken out of a pair of golden limousines, one a heel clacking first out of it and a short, stocky woman in pinstripe emerging, the other dress shoes leading up to a tall, lean man in a gold and yellow tux, grinning and running a hand through his slicked-back hair.
Cybil Antoine hadn’t had the “pleasure” of a personal conversation with Tigran Sins before, but had happened to overhear some of him during her meeting with that Thutmose man, and then and there, she had known everything about him, and knew that she had already had the displeasure of knowing dozens of men like him.
Still, though, one needed to be cordial in times like this, so as Alexis came out behind her, and a very strongly built-looking, mean-looking man with brown hair and a nice vest, attached to the lapel of which was a Heartache Casino brooch (a bouncer? A bodyguard?) stood by Tigran waiting to see what he wanted or what he did, she approached the man who dared to try and be more golden than her Stand. “Mr. Sins, I believe… I believe we’ve crossed paths, briefly, but we didn’t really have a chance to speak.”
The man tensed a bit, only to relax slightly again when he saw that Cybil intended only to speak. “Cybil Antoine, right? I’ve heard you’ve been making a hell of a lot of waves around town lately, so I must say I’m excited to meet you too.” He looked back past her, towards Alexis standing and stretching outside of her team’s limo. “Would that be your star you’ve got going on? Certainly she’s got charm.”
“Hi, right in front of you,” Alexis answered, teasingly passive-aggressively waving, “yeah, I’m going up before TD/MD.”
“She’s a very important star around here, you know… So you’d better put on a show that leaves them wanting for more of the best.” Tigran’s attendant spoke, then, sounding dead serious as he looked them over. “A lot of people have come here just for this, just for her sake… It is completely imperative you keep that in mind.”
Tigran simply nodded, concurring, “couldn’t have said it better myself, Fox.”
Shortly after that, the pairs went their separate ways, shifting through VIP areas of the area of the main structure of the amphitheater, series of comfortably shielded stadium halls that it was.
“Still no sign of the band… Still no word from them either. I’m cross now.”
Alexis, then, stopped in her trail, looking at a schedule which had been printed out and emblazoned upon a green room wall. “Uh, Cybil, you’re gonna wanna take a look at this.”
“Hm?” Cybil raised an eyebrow, turning to face what her partner was pointing at, and then glared again. “Who the hell is Nureyev, and why are they listed at the same time as you?”
“There’s gotta be some kinda mixup or somethin’, man… I know about this ‘Alexis Williams’ it talks about, and hear she’s a Vegas Performer, damn fine one at that who can really strut her stuff. But we ain’t in Vegas at all, so what gives?” Rudolf himself was gesturing at a printout version of much the same piece of programming, he and Admiral Pineapples having wandered much the same series of halls.
“Hrm…” Admiral, now, took a look at the sheet himself, combing over the names before Rudolf on the list and speaking names aloud. “‘Arancini,’ ‘Tenacious-er E,’ ‘Guy and the Fieris’ Heavy Metal Barbershop Quarter,’ all as scheduled… What the hell? Yeah. We’re the only acts double-booked like this, and you say you don’t know this woman personally?”
“Not in the slightest,” Rudolf said, “never laid personal eyes upon her! So maybe there’s a typo, yeah… I know! We could track down Thutmose! But, uh… Where the hell’s Thutmose right now?”
A distorted voice shout-whispered, “I heard that he was visiting TD/MD’s green room.”
“Huh? Oh, thanks!” Rudolf accepted that advice uncritically, beginning to make his way, but Pineapples looked, at least, in the direction it came from, seeing then flashes of a short-looking person in a maroon turban, face bandaged but mouth section bulging with something hidden underneath, and a pair of aviator goggles, as well as a tunic, trousers, and many bulky scarves adorned in the forms of climbing stick figures.
Looking at the man, Pineapples couldn’t help but feel suspicious, but hell, there was a lot shady going on here. “Yes, thank you, Mister… Who am I thanking?”
“No,” the figure answered dismissively, “think little of it… I’m just another interested party watching the show. If there’s confusion, then, I want to see it resolved fast! If you’ll excuse me, though, I need to make my way to my box…”
“Strange man…” Pineapples shook his head, not wanting to leave Rudolf alone to deal with this strange situation. He knew from hearsay and rumor that there were some truly dangerous things lurking in the bowels of Sound’s Garden, and Rudolf, more heart than head, was bound to be barreling into it.
Sound’s Garden - The largest and nicest green room in the halls of the Alexander Dickinson Amphitheater.
Metra Doria sat before a makeup chair as assistants fussed and fussed with her hair, her face, her clothes, occasionally being met with polite thanks, compliments, or idle chit-chat, representing a sort of familiarity the team had had with the pale, short-dark-haired girl with a single blue streak through her front left locks. She stared at her own dressed-up eyes in the mirror, one silver, one blue and at once black-striped through the iris. As she sat here, initially clad pretty casually and low-key, she was Metra, but as the outfit she had selected was put together, she would become TD/MD.
She was being cordial before now, but all of the small talk had ended as soon as her manager came into the scene, knocking, being invited to come in, and then doing so.
“How’s the show going, Thutmose? I wish I could see Guy and the Fieris do their thing, but… Makeup, I swear.”
“There’s… People insisting upon speaking, Metra. They’re performers, the ones before you, and they seem annoyed. I tried to shoo them away and tell them to work it out, but that only incensed the old-timers with them, and now they want to speak to you. I tried telling them it was a waste of your time, but-”
“This close to going on?” Metra narrowed her eyes at the reflected form of her manager. Always, it was one thing after another with this guy. Though most of the time, one might assume there was something not worth it going on here, she knew Thutmose well enough to know there might be problems. She sighed, shutting her eyes now. “It had better be important… Let ‘em in.”
And like that, a quartet of two twenty-somethings, a middle-aged woman, and an old man barreled in through the door at once, all talking over one another and expressing confusion with the other’s very existence and presence. It was making the half-prepared girl more uncomfortable than sitting in a chair for awhile just to get ready for a show often did, so she raised her voice, calmly but authoritatively, literally seeming to drown out their babbling in the process. “Quiet down, alright?! One at a time.”
There was a little more whispering among the four, then, and it was the pinstripe-suited woman who stepped forward among them to speak the crowd’s mind. “TD/MD, I presume… This ‘Thutmose’ man, he has made a grave mistake in the scheduling. My associate Alexis here, and this half-nude man carrying a keytar around, they have not met before today, and they certainly did not intend to collaborate before you. Your manager has refused to listen to reason about this, so we are taking the matter straight past him to you… Resolve it at once, and we can be on our way.”
“What?” Metra, facing them all, blinked, shaking her head and glaring at Thutmose. “Again? How does this keep happening? You overbook acts right before me, and it’s such a disaster I’ve started to need to allot extra time to cleanup guys after those sets… It was bad enough before, but it’s seriously getting out of hand, man. I can’t keep dealing with you if you treat everyone else you deal with like this. You’re done working with me. We’re through.”
“B-but… But Metra..!” Thutmose was flabbergasted, looking almost terrified at the prospect. “Please, be reasonable..! I need this job, understand? I’ve got gambling debts, and-”
“Whoa whoa whoa,” the keytarist (Rudolf, or Nureyev, according to the program) interjected then, “let’s not ruin a man’s life over me and Lexy here, yeah? I looked into the history of this place, the Alexander Dickinson… Named after a big dead deal Philanthropist, so basically a dude from the 90's who gave his all to culture in this city, funded all kinds’a stuff! Would a man like that want a man to be fired in his own memorial stadium?”
The logic seemed to confuse nearly everyone there, not least of all Metra, whose response, after a moment, was, “Huh? You… Are you saying it doesn’t bother you?”
“He’s saying that!” Thutmose pleaded. “I am certain he’s saying that!”
“I don’t mind, either…” The redheaded Alexis said next, nodding and looking around at nothing in particular. “Yeah, I think we can work with that… The band he set us up with bailed on us anyway, right? So… Music might help, and it’s not like the things we do step on each other’s toes, yeah? So whatever, I’m sure we’ll still leave a bigger impression.”
Cybil, then, pursed her lips. “If it doesn’t make a difference to you, then, and we’re all on the same page… But still, this is so very inconvenient.”
“Agreed…” Pineapples looked to Thutmose. “Be more responsible in the future, aye? I think even if you keep your job right now, you’re gonna be on thin ice for now. And give up on gambling, if it’s sunken you this far.”
Metra nodded. “Agreed. I can’t guarantee I won’t start looking for a new manager, but… You’ve been good to me, at least. Clean up your act.” Then, she looked over the quartet. “I’m seriously sorry about this… You say you had backup, but they’re not showing up now? I, uh… I don’t know what happened to whoever those were, or why they fell through, but I have something I can do to help both of your shows exist at once: six of the best stagehands I've got.”
At that, the star snapped her fingers, and from the shadowy corners of the room emerged two trios, three men in a pose one well-versed on incidents in the early 20th century Roman Colosseum might compare to Awakening One’s Masters appearing before the Masters of Funky Action, three women in turn also sliding in before the Judecca Highrollers in perfect sync, stepping in with the coordination one might associate with, as a weird example, teenage mobsters jazzed about a dude being sent to the ninth circle of hell.
All six were muscular, clad in black sleeveless shirts, leather gloves, pants, boots, and bandannas over their heads, and all around, they gave off auras of immense reliability.
“Harry, Mark, and John, and Thorn, Dusk, and Luna… I kid you not, these guys can basically do anything and everything you ask of them. If they didn’t much prefer supporting other people to being in the limelight themselves, they would be as big as I am. Treat them well, they’ll learn fast, and they’ll be invaluable to making your bits work. But, uh… I’d hurry it up. Guy and the Fieris probably only have a couple more encores in them, and then you’ll have fifteen to set up. I wish you all luck..!”
Metra Doria had been a bit of a miracle for the grateful performers and put-off older supporters, who had in turn both begun to explain their intended strategies and how those might change to their crew members, who understood alarmingly fast.
“Man…” Rudolf whistled in relief, chuckling. “What a scare that was… But you, Lexy? You’re alright, actually.”
“Thanks,” Alexis answered in turn, still trying to figure this guy out, “you don’t seem bad yourself… I almost kinda feel bad that we’re gonna totally eclipse you out there.”
“Y’think so, huh?” Rudolf answered with a grin, pointing forward with a friendly competitiveness. “Well, the party don’t get drowned out by a damn thing! I’m gonna get all these good people pumped as hell, and they’ll be cheerin’ for me even when that Metra chick goes on!”
“Ooh, I’m starting to feel a bit competitive…” Alexis answered, good-naturedly chuckling and folding her arms. “Wanna see who gets the crowd more pumped? Loser, uh… Buys the winner overpriced concert t-shirts. These things need stakes, right? Heh…”
At the somewhat tongue-in-cheek suggestion, Rudolf nodded. “Sure, yeah! That, and the pride of bein’ one of the best in the city! May the best team win!”
Location: The Alexander Dickinson Amphitheater, one of the biggest outdoor venues in the entirety of the Metropolitan area, in the buildup to TD/MD’s headlining act, wherein both of your teams have had a performer set to open for her. The place is packed at a capacity of tens of thousands of people.
The stage is a competently designed semicircle which is roughly 30 meters across for length and maximum width, with plenty of room all over and the various necessary fixtures upheld off the ground. It is raised up about 2 meters off the ground. Its back half is partially covered by the overhanging roof of the backstage area a dozen meters above.
The backstage area spreads out about 10 meters from both sides and the back of the stage, being somewhat indoorsy and absolutely full of things one could expect an excellent stage production to have, including, of course, sturdy rafters which lead up to the ceiling area overtop the stage. Both sides have had time to arrange for some extra things to be brought in.
Goal: With a leadup of fifteen minutes before acts, and a half an hour where both of your performers are onstage at once, you have a show to put on, and that is not getting ruined by this overbooking. So, with Rudolf and Alexis up on stage, and Pineapples and Cybil each operating their abilities and managing a three-person stage crew, outperform your opponents!
Given the vastly different skill-sets of the competitors, the goal is to execute on your vision better than your opponent executes on theirs. You will be judged and voted on the following criteria, in decreasing priority:
  • Feasibility - Whether your performance is actually within the bounds of what your Stand and Stats would imply.
  • Skill Use - A close second in relevance; how well you integrate your User Skills and Stats into your performance. While your Skills will help in completing this objective, they do not provide an automatic advantage by merely existing and must be woven into your strats, as per usual. Even the best of artists can have abysmal live performances.
  • Stand Use - Similar to the above, and similarly important. How cool, creative, and well-integrated is your Stand use. Put another way, wow the judges, voters, and viewers at home! This is more or less just the same as before.
  • Environment Use - How well you use and integrate the auditorium - its features, its backstage, its stage, and the hearts and passions of its occupants - into your performance.
  • Efficiency - How much quality footage you obtain and how well you use your time. This does not mean that setup for more complex performances is automatically penalized, but do try to minimize ‘deadtime’ and maximize the amount you perform.
Additional Information: There is a huge simp for TD/MD in the audience of the match, and he is connected enough that he will have both of you successfully and canonically killed if you ruin the show before the headliner can go on; therefore, murdering your opponents or audience members (“the ol’ Abraham Lincoln Tech” as they say in the biz) on an audience member is a loss condition. Not at all a moral thing for the record.
Stage Crew members for the respective teams (Harry, Mark, and John on the MFAs, Thorn, Dusk, and Luna on the Highrollers, if you care about their names) have 4s in strength, agility, endurance, Stagehand, and Backup; pretty much, anything their associated team asks them to do, they’ll be able to do, at minimum, competently. Though they won’t, like, murder for you. Generally you can use them for moving props on/off stage, extra bodies or on-stage back up performers, speaker and soundboard control, and/or on-stage camera crew as well as managing any other stage controls. Pretty much everything save for pyronetics and lighting is in their purview.
There are also dedicated lighting guys, totally neutral in your squabbles, who are going to do an entirely too good job adjusting their focus and making things work exactly as is needed so attention is on the stars of the show. They will also be coordinated with a third party camera crew that will be streaming the live feed onto screens for the audience. These feeds can be replaced or split screened with your own crew’s footage, but otherwise they will generally be in control of what is shown on-screen.
Players can be assumed to already have well-rehearsed their plans of action, the in-universe basis for the modified plans of the match, and have knowledge about every aspect of the stage, even if parts of their initial plan obviously need to be modified to account for new challengers also occupying stage space. If something performance related isn’t insanely, “years of training to do competently required” level hard, but would still require some practice ahead of time, they have had it to, at absolute max, somewhere between a 2 and a 3. Players, don’t overly-game this, though; the ‘stars’ of your performances should be the sheeted unique abilities of you, your skills, and your Stands.
All stands can be seen on camera and on the live feed for the audience's viewing pleasure.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Judecca Highrollers Alexis Williams “This one is for the guy who keeps yelling from the Balcony, and it’s called ‘We Hate You, Please Die.’” Gymnastics is a sport of rhythm and pace, this performance should be no different for keeping your momentum. Make as seamless transitions as you can between the acts of your performance!
Judecca Highrollers Cybil Antoine “Prepare to have your minds obliterated by… The boys! And Crash!” You have a whole crew of people working for you here, no need to do any heavy lifting by yourself. This is their job after all, better put them to work since that’s what they are here for. Make the most use out of your stage hands in your performance!
Masters of Funky Action Rudolf "Nureyev" Pavlova “What is with this band? They’ve… changed. Have you noticed they don’t have instruments? Where’s all this amazing noise coming from?” Keeping the audience’s attention for a full 30 minutes should be a piece of cake for the world’s greatest dancer, you can keep the party rocking even between your different acts. Make as seamless transitions as you can between the acts of your performance!
Masters of Funky Action Admiral Pineapples “You and your fireballs and your demon hipster chicks / you’re talking the talk and it’s pretty slick / You think you’re so great, but you’re missing the point / You gotta have friendship and courage and whatever!” You’re all in this show together, you and your crew of stage hand. Everybody should be contributing here, no man left behind. Make the most use out of your stage hands in your performance!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
submitted by Dungeon_Dice to StardustCrusaders [link] [comments]

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Freaky Aces has a good range games for players and the slots collection is especially good with top titles here from popular software provider NetEnt. The promotion for new players gives 200% extra though other promotions are limited to the live dealer casino bonus of 50%. No other offers are mentioned.
The banking is good for deposit choice but lacking in withdrawal options, while customer support does not include a phone number and live chat is out of bounds at the weekend. Overall Freaky Aces is a fresh and great looking site but there are a few limiting qualities and a lack of promotions that might make some players think twice.
>> Claim Free Spins Now <<
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Guaranteed Daily Rewards List - Updated September 2020

Hey guys, here's a list of the sites and apps that I go to daily to claim login bonuses:

Swagbucks (GPT site) | Ref ($3 bonus for earning $3) | Non-Ref

  1. Answer the Daily Poll for $0.01
  2. Use the search engine until you win some points. I get two wins each day by attempting it at 8am and 5pm. A third win isn’t unheard of, though I am unsure of the optimal timing. One search win pays $0.04 to $0.24.
  3. Play the flash game Swagasaurus Run. Get a game over on purpose, then repeat this 9 more times with 30 seconds between attempts. This pays $0.10 a day.
  4. Swagbucks Watch – There’s currently a paid-to-click activity running on autoplay, making $0.20 per day. You may need to use this direct link to find it if you are a UK user.
  5. nCrave direct links (more paid-to-click content):
(a) 7 times a day for $0.07
(b) 3 times a day for $0.03
(c) 5 times a day for $0.05
See this tutorial video if you’re unsure of what to do.

Hideout TV (video site) | Non-ref

Go on any video, scroll down, click Rewards and claim the daily reward code. When you reach 27 points (takes a few days), you can convert it to a few points on Swagbucks or other GPT sites. If you use Swagbucks for this, it checks off Daily Discover on your daily To Do list.

BigToken (microsurvey app) | Ref or invite code LAZYMONEYUK | Non-ref

Answer the team question daily to receive approximately $0.05 (join a serious team or manage your own so you can delete people who are about to fail).
Complete any action in the app such as answering an individual question or team question, to receive an incremental daily streak bonus. This pays approximately $0.40 per week.

Inbox Pounds (survey site) Ref (£1 join bonus) | Non-ref

Use the search engine daily to get 7p, plus read 1 or 2 paid e-mails at 1p each. Has the usual surveys and a £20 PayPal cash-out.

StoREwards (receipt scanner app) | Invite code: 1gzhz | Non-ref

Simply open the app to claim an incremental daily bonus which gets you 300 coins per week. This is actually a pathetic amount when you do the maths, but at least the app pays more per receipt scan than its competitors (over 5p each). The bonus seems to be available to claim from 5pm daily. Currently Android only, with the iOS version in the works. Use the same e-mail address as the one you registered on Receipt Hog with to get a £1 bonus.

Viewsbank (survey site) | Non-ref

Get 10p every weekday (not weekends) for answering the ‘Admin Poll’ question. £12 PayPal cash-out. Offers regular exclusive surveys which you will almost always qualify for.

Qmee Pop Quiz (survey site) Ref (50p bonus on first cash-out) | Non-ref

There’s an almost daily pop quiz question that appears at the bottom of the survey page (next to the poll question). Get the question right to win 3p.
There’s a time limit to answer it, but you can simply close the quiz after seeing the question, Google the answer, and then restart the quiz to select your response.

Free Daily Casino Games With Cash Prizes

Sky Prize Burst
Instant win game with small cash prizes (e.g. 10p), free spins, and scratchcards. Available from 10am daily.
Sky Lotto
Daily lottery game. Enter your numbers before 7.45pm and check the results at 8pm. Win scratchcards, and hopefully, cash.
P.S. 50 free spins with no deposit / wagering if you sign up to Sky Vegas.
Tombola Trio (at Tombola Bingo)
Uncover 3 matching symbols to win a cash prize of £5 to £1000. The chance of winning is low, but I have won £5 so far so it is possible. You need to verify your mobile number to play- They text you an access code every Monday.
Tombola Trio (at Tombola Arcade)
Visit this sister site each day to have a second go at Tombola Trio.
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[USA] [H] 3/DS Games (Pokemon/Zelda more) N64/GBC Games (LoZ:OoS) PS3/2/1 +X360 games [W] SNES and PSP games

Game CIB
Pokémon Omega Ruby yep
Pokémon Sun yep
Pokémon Moon yep
Super Mario Maker yep
Super Mario 3D Land yep
Super Smash Bro’s yep
AC New Leaf yep
AC Happy Home D. yep
Metal Gear Solid 3D yep
Zelda Link b/t Worlds yep
3DS loose
Game Whoa
Batman Blackgate AO gmarly
Brain Age Concent. T tubular
Kingdom Hearts DDD radical
LEGO Ninjago far out
Regular Show MR8BL wicked
Resident Evil Merc. sick
Skylanders Giants twisted
Skylanders Trap Team i ran out
Super Smash Bros ..
WWE All-Stars ...
Yo-Kai Watch ..
Zelda Link b/t Worlds ..
Zelda Triforce Heroes .
NDS Game Name Condition
Golden Nugget Casino loose
Imagine Master Chef loose
Mario Hoops 3 on 3 loose
Marvel Ult. Alliance 2 loose
Pokemon Black 2 CIB
The Quest Trio loose
N64 Game Name Condition
OEM Jumper Pak loose
All-Star Baseball 2K loose
NBA In the Zone 98 loose
NASCAR 99 loose
Waialae Country Club loose
WCW NWO Revenge loose 2x
JPN N64 Game Name Condition
Banjo Kazooie loose
LoZ:OoT loose
GBC loose
Game Its loose
LoZ Oracle of Seasons yep
Animorphs yep
Army Men SH2 yep
Bob the Builder yep
BomberMan Max RC yep
Donald Duck Going Q yep
Force 21 yep
MIB The Game yep
*NSYNC (not working) yep
Rocket Power Gettin A yep
Stuart Little TJH yep
PS3 Game Name Condition
MGS Legacy Collection CIB
Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty CIB
COD Black Ops CIB
COD Black Ops 2 Disc Only
COD4 Modern Warfare Box + Disc
Offbrand Controller loose
PS2 Game Name Condition
God of War 2 discs only
GTA: San Andreas (no game) manual+box only
GTA: Vice City disc only
Jak 2 loose
Jak 3 CIB
Medal of Honor Rising Sun CIB
Onimusha CIB
Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2 disc only
Smackdown VS Raw 2008 disc only
Tony Hawks Proving Ground CIB
PS1 Game Name Condition
Cardinal Syn disc only
Dragon Valor discs only
Driver 2 disc only
Final Fantasy VIII discs only
Final Fantasy IX discs only
Gran Turismo disc only
Gran Turismo 2 disc only
MDK disc only
Medievil disc only
MGS1 discs only
NASCAR Racing disc only
NASCAR Thunder 02 disc only
Need For Speed 3 disc only
NFS High Stakes disc only
Resident Evil disc only
Runabout 2 CIB
Star Wars MOTK disc only
Test Drive 6 disc only
Threads of Fate loose
Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 CIB
Tomb Raider disc only
Touring Car Challenge disc only
WCW Nitro CIB (GH)
Wild Arms loose
Xbox 360 Game Condition
Batman Ark. Asylum CIB GOTY
Batman Ark. City disc only
Batman Ark. Origins discs+box
Bioshock 2 disc+box
Borderlands 2 disc+box
Punch Time Exp XL disc+box
C+C Red Alert 3 disc only
Dante’s Inferno CIB
Deadpool (loose)
Duke Nukem Forever disc+box
Fight Night Champion disc+box
FFXI Vana Diel Col. Disc+book
Ghostbusters disc only
Halo 4 discs+box
Madden NFL 09 disc only
NBA Live 08 disc only
Rainbow 6 Vegas disc only
Resident evil 6 discs+box
Rock Band 2 disc only
Smackdown vs Raw 2010 disc only
Super St. Fighter IV disc+box
The Walking Dead disc only
Two Worlds CIB
Ult. Stealth Trip. Pack disc only
Top Gear 3000 (SNES) CIB or loose is fine
NES games. See my main swap list.
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[USA] [H] Pokewalker, iPSv2 Modded GBA, Games for 3/DS+S/NES, PS1-3, X360, GB/C/A and more || [W] CIB S/NES Games, Need Tons of Boxes and Manuals for my Games, New 3DS Plates
More pictures or timestamps on request.
My 60+ confirmed trades
First, NES and SNES Games, mainly Amagon and SMB1/2/3 for NES and Top Gear 3000 and Biker Mice from Mars for SNES, but I am open to offers! (I prefer CIB on these but not required)
Second, New 3DS plates! I only have the HHD one. Would love the Pokémon ones and all of them really.
Thirdly, I have a lot of games I need boxes and manuals and other related inserts.
Boxes, manuals, and inserts for the following games and systems.
These games are also for trade. The systems are not.
Looking for the boxes and everything that came in them except for the game/system, but even so much as a box or a manual might get my attention.
“New” 3DS (not XL) Animal Crossing HHD Edition
New 3DS XL Black
New 2DS XL Purple and Silver
OG Cosmo Black 3DS
Coral Pink DS lite
White DS Lite
Fuschia/Clear Pink OG GBA
Deadly Towers
Dragon Warrior
Ghosts n Goblins
Mario Bro’s Duck Hunt
Mega Man 2 (looking for a game and a manual)
Metal Gear Snakes Revenge
Milons Secret Castle
Ninja Gaiden II
Rush’n Attack
The Adventures of Bayou Billy
The Black Bass
The Legend of Zelda (Gold Cart)
Zelda II The Adventure of Link (Gold Cart)
Top Gun
Wrath of the Black Manta
WWF Wrestlemania
WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge
Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage
Final Fight
Jurassic Park
Ken Griffey Jr MLB
Primal Rage
Sim City
Super Mario All-Stars
Super Mario World
Super Off Road
The Lion King
WWF Royal Rumble
All-Star Baseball 2000
Backyard Wrestling
Banjo Kazooie (NTSC-J)
NBA In The Zone 98
The Legend of Zelda (NTSC-J)
Turok Dinosaur Hunter
Waialae Country Club
WCW NWO Revenge
Super Mario Galaxy
Wii Sports
Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life (need the disc only)
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Pokémon Sun (only need the game)
Pokémon Y (only need the game)
Regular Show: 8-Bit
WWE All-Stars
Card Fighters DS
Cooking Mama
Cooking Mama 2
Mario Hoops 3 on 3
Mario vs Donkey Kong Mini Land Mayhem
Zoo Tycoon DS
F-14 Tomcat
F-Zero GP Legend
The Fairly Oddparents Volume 1
LEGO Bionicle
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
Yu -Gi-Oh The Sacred Cards (x2)
Burgertime Deluxe
Frogger 2
Mario Golf
Pokémon Pinball
Pokémon Silver
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
Donkey Kong Land
Jurassic Park
Mortal Kombat
Cardinal Syn
Driver 2
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Gran Turismo x2
Namco Museum (2 different versions, need both)
NFS High Stakes
NFS III Hot Pursuit
Resident Evil
Spyro the Dragon
Test Drive 6
Tomb Raider x2
Tony Hawk 1
Tony Hawk 2
Touring Car Challenge
Jak 2
Jurassic Park Operation Genesis
Resident Evil Outbreak File #2
The Simpson’s Skateboarding
Also looking for the following loose NES Games
Super Mario Bros 1, 2, 3
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 6
Zelda 1 gold
Zelda 2 gold
Dragon Spirit
Clash at Demonhead
Punchout or MT Punchout
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Solar Jetman
Legacy of the Wizard
I would trade most of the loose games above for boxes and manuals for the other loose games I have. I also have the following items for trade.
I have an authentic, loose pokewalker with a new energizer battery installed for trade. Will part with for the right trade.
~~I also have an OG GBA modded with a Funnyplaying IPSV2 screen, a custom yellow shell and Pokémon themed front glass. The screen is ever so slightly off center. ~~ GBA Pending. I’m modding more now.
3DS Games
Code Name STEAM - CIB Like New, Opened and played once
Poochy + Yoshis Woolly World CIB (EU-AU Region, German Version)
Tomodachi Life CIB
Mario Kart CIB
New Super Mario Bros CIB
Super Mario 64 CIB
Zelda Phantom Hourglass CIB
NDS Games
The Amazing Spider-Man
Big Brain Academy
Captain America Super Soldier
Golden Nugget Casino DS
Goldeneye Rogue Agent
Goosebumps Horrorland
Gremlins Gizmo
Hello Kitty
Imagine Master Chef
Kingdom Hearts Re-coded
LEGO Batman The Video Game
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Universe in Peril
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Nintendogs Lab and Friends
Quantum of Solace
The Quest Trio
Spore Creatures
GBC Games
Army Men Sarges Heroes 2
Bob the Builder Fix it Fun
Bomberman Max Red Challenger
Men in Black The Series
Donald Duck Goin Quackers
Force 21
Rocket Power Gettin Air
Stuart Little The Journey Home
COD BO2 disc only
COD4 MW GOTY Edition case and disc only
Far Cry 3 case and manual only
Xbox 360
Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition CIB
Batman Arkham City disc only
Batman Arkham Origins case and discs
Bioshock 2 disc and case
Borderlands 2 case and disc
Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL case and disc
Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 disc only
Dante’s Inferno CIB
Deadpool disc only
Duke Nukem Forever case and disc
Fight Night Champion case, disc, and inserts but no manual
Final Fantasy XI Online Vana’Diel Collection 2008 disc only
Ghostbusters The Video Game case and disc
Halo 4 case and discs
Madden NFL 09 disc only
NBA Live 08
Resident Evil 6 case and discs
Rock Band 2 disc only
Super Street Fighter IV case and disc
Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas disc only
Two Worlds CIB
Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack (Thief, Hitman Absolution and Deus Ex Human Revolution) discs and case only
The Walking Dead A Telltale Games Series case and disc
—I have about 20-40 PlayStation 1 and 2 games I haven’t listed yet, so check back for more later if that’s what you’re looking for.—
I also have some Pokémon cards posted on pkmntcgtrades if you want those in trade. Thanks!
Thanks for looking!
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[S] Swoldow's Survivor: Ghost Island

There have been many mistakes that have been made, and someone needs to reverse the curse...
Swoldow's Survivor has undergone 35 seasons of amazing plays, but sometimes, a few mistakes were made, and as a result, someone gets sent home. However, 20 new castaways have a chance to nullify that bad decision. A new twist, entitled 'Ghost Island' is an island someone can visit in exile, and bid their vote on a chance to get an advantage that has been misused by someone who has played prior to them.

Malolo Tribe:
Naviti Tribe:


Episode 1:
Two tribes of ten are cast away in Fiji, and they are told the theme of this season is making failed decisions. The tribemates are immediately put to the test when they must pick a leader. Breadfruit volunteers without anyone's consent for Malolo, and Mary, being the oldest person on Naviti, is picked for them. They are then told to pick two people to compete in a challenge. Breadfruit picks Snow and Tea and Mary picks Troy and Juliette. Despite their... questionable pick for a leader, Malolo wins the challenge and get a shelter building kit.
At Malolo, Snow immediately starts trying to make a move. She starts to flirt with Ray and the two naturally want to control the game together, forming a showmance they manage to keep well hidden. Wanting to form a group of all people that would be deemed as day one threats, Devon and Kathy are also roped into this new four-person group due to their occupations. The four of them have the strategic ability to pull off many crazy moves. Surf begins to notice the group forming, and doesn't really see that as very tubular so he tries and get Devon to align with him by introducing him to his 'chill sessions.' Unfortunately, Devon hates them, prompting a fight between him and Surf.
At Naviti, Damon immediately wants to take charge of the tribe and starts to build trust with Hope, who he really likes. Trey introduces himself, and people are taken aback about him being a Durante. Trey knows that as soon as people knew his last name, he'd be seen as a threat, so he immediately starts painting targets on the backs of others, getting into a fight with Damon and accusing him of playing too hard, too early. Everyone knows that despite Trey's heritage, Damon is playing way harder than him, and everyone wants to naturally align with Trey. Juliette and Meg bond and open up to eachother, and Juliette sees Meg as an easy vote she can manipulate how she wants. Even Hope is starting to not trust Damon, so she starts to build an alliance, bringing in Trey and Juliette initially. Juliette then adds in Meg, the group decides to bring in Troy as well, and Aline and Brant sneak their way into the group too. Damon, Mary, and R2 are on the outs, as Mary screwed the challenge, Damon is a threat, and R2 has been nervous and hasn't cultivated a relationship.
Naviti wins the first immunity challenge, and they have to pick someone to go to Ghost Island and be absent from tribal. They pick Tea. Upon arriving, she is given the opportunity to wager her vote for a secret advantage, and she manages to win it, as it is an idol clue. Malolo now has to go to tribal, and the tribe isn't very happy with Breadfruit's performance in the challenge, as he stood and did nothing for the majority of it. Everyone on Malolo agrees Breadfruit has to go, except for Surf, who sees Breadfruit as a chill dude and would much rather vote for Madelyn who he doesn't sense good vibes from. Breadfruit wants Roxy out for being a social threat, but nobody wants to work with him. Breadfruit is sent home in a 7-1-1 vote.
Tea gets back from Ghost Island, and scared she hasn't formed any bonds due to being absent from tribal, she shares the idol clue she won with Roxy, who immediately stabs her in the back, finding the idol on her own. This idol was the one Connor never got to play in Blood vs Water. Tea realizes what Roxy did and has a meltdown, not expecting to be lied to, and wanting someone to vote with her alliance as a number, Kathy goes to comfort Tea and the two form a strong connection. Armando, wanting to make bonds starts cooking for everyone, and Roxy takes a liking to him, and the two grow close. Roxy says she'll vote for him if he gets her extra rice servings and Armando, immediately agrees, knowing he can use his skills to make there seem like more rice. At Naviti, Troy finds the legacy advantage Penelope misplayed in Egypt. Troy, wanting someone on the outs as a contingency plan talks to R2 and tells him of the idol to gain his trust. Mary, meanwhile, impresses the team with how much she works around camp. Brant, meanwhile, does the opposite, rubbing everyone the wrong way when he tells them about his gruesome pass-times as a child. He is promptly kicked from the alliance as everyone is disgusted by him.
Malolo wins immunity, and Brant is sent to Ghost Island. He is at peace with the island as it is themed around death, but the advantage isn't available so he just lives in isolation for a night. R2 and Mary want to break up the duo of Juliette and Meg by voting Meg, and Damon wants R2 out for being weak in challenges. Aline has a strategic plan, but she wants to use her Brazilian charms to lay underestimated, so she tells Trey her plan, asking him to propose it to the group, promising she will look out for him if anyone tries to gun for him. Trey agrees. The two propose doing a 3-2-1 split vote between R2, Mary, and Damon, and everyone agrees. Troy is mad R2 plans to be the one everyone plans to send home, as he made a bond with him, but he doesn't want to anger anyone immediately so he goes with the plan. R2 goes home in a 4-2-1 vote.

Episode 2:
The tribes are told that they are swapping really early. The new Malolo tribe has Aline, Armando, Brant, Devon, Surf, Juliette, Kathy, Tea, and Trey, while Naviti has Damon, Hope, Madelyn, Mary, Meg, Ray, Roxy, Snow, and Troy.
The only Malolo alliance is cut in two, with Devon and Kathy hoping Ray and Snow can make it out alive on the other side of things. Malolo has majority, but Surf and Tea haven't voted with them, and would flip if given the option. Trey, Aline, and Juliette retain their original alliance, with Brant as the final Naviti member. Trey starts bonding with Devon, hoping the two could work something out, and they get along nicely. Trey throws Brant's name under the bus, as he is a creep, and Devon also already feel uncomfortable by him.
Both the idols are at Naviti camp, and Troy, Mary, Meg, and Hope run the tribe. Damon doesn't want to work with any of them, as they left him out of the conversation, so he starts to bond with Madelyn. Both were on the bottom of their tribes and they plan to work together. Snow and Ray immediately want to throw Roxy under the bus for being untrustworthy, as they know that they have to convince Naviti to spare them and cut Madelyn and Roxy first.
Malolo wins immunity, and Devon, wanting his alliance to have safety, sends Snow to Ghost Island, where there is no advantage for her. Hope, Mary, Meg, and Troy get together and discuss who they want to vote, and they all see Roxy as the least trustworthy. Ray continues to fuel the fire, by spreading lies about her to the women of Naviti. However, Ray hopes an idol gets played, and he plans to vote for Meg. Madelyn, however, knows what Ray is up to, and is sick of it. She tells Damon to vote for Ray, and then tells Roxy she is being targeted by Naviti. Roxy gets extremely paranoid but knows what she has to do. She plans to vote for Hope, because she sees her as the biggest threat, and at tribal, Roxy plays her idol, negating 4 votes. Her jaw drops, however, when Ray is sent home in a 2-1-1-0 vote.

Episode 3:
Hope and Troy celebrate getting through the vote without anyone from Naviti going, and Mary notices how close Hope and Troy are getting, believing she is the third wheel. She immediately wants more power, so she approaches the outsiders, Damon and Madelyn, and a new alliance is formed. Snow gets back from Ghost Island and is appalled that her showmance was did dirty. She assumes someone from Naviti did it, and wants revenge, so she starts spreading lies about Meg to this newly formed alliance. Kathy continues to try and form as many bonds as possible and makes one with Aline, who she finds interesting due to her culture. Aline continues to play dumb, while secretly running things behind the scenes with Trey. Surf starts eating more and more rice daily, which angers Armando and Tea. Tea gets into a fight with Surf as a result.
Naviti wins reward and Armando is sent to Ghost Island. He gets an available advantage, but doesn't want to wager his vote. Malolo wins immunity, and Naviti goes back to tribal. Snow wants everyone to pay for what happened to Ray, so she starts to have side conversations with those on the bottom to make a majority. She talks to Roxy, telling her they have to vote Meg, and then separately talks to Damon, Madelyn, and Mary. A new majority is formed, and Hope starts to get nervous. She talks to Troy about why nobody is talking to them, and Troy's intuition as a cop is to play his idol. He plays it on Meg, negating 5 votes, and sending Roxy home in a 3-0 vote.

Episode 4:
Despite the original alliance's victory, they are still at a minority, and Snow wants to make sure nobody flips back onto them. She uses her charms to make everyone believe she is an asset to tribal life, and Mary, Damon, and Madelyn still want to work with her to vote out Meg. Trey starts to try and convince a Malolo to flip on his tribe, and believes it is best to try and work Tea to his side. The two talk, but Kathy notices what Trey is trying to do and wants Tea to herself. She continues to bond with Tea as well.
Malolo wins reward and they sent Troy to Ghost Island where he finds nothing. Malolo also wins immunity again, sending Naviti back to tribal. Hope doesn't feel comfortable in her alliance anymore, as it is in the minority, but doesn't want that to be apparent, so she plans to calmly morph into a free-agent while being unnoticed. Snow continues to keep the new trio of Damon, Mary, and Madelyn loyal to her interests, and they see her as a shield. As a result, they all want to stick together and keep the majority. Hope, Meg, and Troy want Mary out next due to being super social, so they gun for her, but Meg is sent home in a 4-3 vote.

Episode 5:
The tribes are told that they are swapping again, but this time, into three tribes. Malolo now has Brant, Damon, Kathy, Madelyn, and Snow. Naviti has Armando, Devon, Surf, Tea, and Troy, and the new Yanuya has Aline, Hope, Juliette, Mary, and Trey.
Damon and Madelyn immediately find out that Snow no longer wants to work with them, as she is finally reunited with her alliance member Kathy, and the two girls spend the whole day talking together. Damon wants to pull a fast one on Kathy so Snow can be loyal to their interests, so he starts to bond with Kathy to lull him under a false sense of security, while continuing to bond with Madelyn. Kathy sees through Damon completely, and tells Snow she wants him gone. Snow and Kathy go looking for an idol and Snow finds it, willing to use it on her ally.
At Naviti, Troy is the easy vote, as he is the only Naviti on the tribe, but Devon still gets paranoid, knowing his alliance wont be there to help him. He immediately starts looking for the idol and finds it. After, he begins to smooth things over, and forms a bond with Armando that could potentially help him down the road.
At Yanuya, Trey does the most when building the shelter and everyone is impressed by him. Using this to his advantage, Trey immediately starts painting a target onto Mary's back, for flipping on her tribe, to his old allies, and both Aline and Juliette continue to want to work with Trey as a result.
Naviti and Yanuya win immunity and Malolo goes to tribal. Damon immediately ropes Brant into his plan to get Kathy out, and Brant is all for it. Neither Snow or Kathy want to talk to Brant as he scares them, so Snow decides to resort to playing her idol to get her out of this mess. They plan to stick to their plan to vote Damon, despite him being needed to be kept around for challenges, and hope this move turns the tribe on it's head. Snow plays her idol on Kathy, negating 3 votes, and Damon is sent home in a 2-0 vote.

Episode 6:
Madelyn begins to get desperate as her number one ally got idoled out, so despite not wanting to talk to him at all, Madelyn makes an alliance with Brant, just to get past one more vote, hoping he would go to rocks for her. At Naviti, Troy tries to find a way to get out of being on the bottom, and starts to bond with Armando. Troy didn't want to have to play dirty, but he decides to, telling Armando that Tea approached him, telling him she wats Armando out. Armando is shocked, and wants Tea gone. At Yanuya, Hope knows that the plan is to vote Mary, but is starting to get extra worried, especially since Trey and Aline are close. She goes looking for the idol and finds it. This is the idol that Art didn't use in Heroes vs Villains II, that he went out with in his pocket.
Malolo and Yanuya win reward, and they send Surf to Ghost Island. Surf decides to test his luck and wager his vote, but ultimately loses the chance game and has no vote at tribal anymore. Yanuya and Malolo win immunity, sending Naviti to tribal. Surf tells everyone he lost a vote on Ghost Island and everyone is intrugued. With Surf being unable to vote, hope is restored to Troy. Devon wants to make a move on Surf because he is vulnerable, and a physical threat as well, and proposes this plan to Troy. Troy however, still wants Tea and Armando to turn against eachother. He then tells Tea that Armando is gunning for her, and now both Tea and Armando want eachother out. Troy can now vote however he wants to, and Tea ends up being the one who gets the short end of the stick, in a 2-1-1 vote.

Episode 7:
The tribes merge, but tribal lines are already dissolving. Naviti has one extra person over Malolo, 7-6, but Mary doesn't want to work with her tribe, and would much rather play with Madelyn. She makes it apparent to her tribe that she is not with them, and this angers the rest of Naviti, who all want to work as a group. Aline receives a note in her buff, allowing her to sneak to Ghost Island at night, and when she gets there, she has the opportunity to wager her vote for an advantage but doesn't take it. Snow wins immunity, and immediately bring the alliance of her, Devon, and Kathy together. They all want Mary out, as she is the least trustworthy naviti left in the game, due to flipping. Mary suddenly realizes the error of her ways, and tries to make it up to her old tribe by doing more around camp, and attempting to establish an alliance between her, Aline, Hope, and Surf, but neither Aline or Hope plan to stick with it, and instead those two girls start to flirt with Surf, manipulating him to vote with their tribe. Wanting to get the hot babes and not really caring about his tribe, Surf gladly accepts. Madelyn attempts to try and flip Brant, trying her best to socialize with him but he doesn't budge. Trey and Troy propose the first vote, and they believe that Armando should go first as he is the biggest physical threat of the tribe. Mary talks with her old ally Madelyn about potentially voting Troy, and begs her new alliance do the same, but Aline, Surf, and Hope already have made their choice on who to vote. Armando becomes the first juror in a 7-4-2 vote.

Episode 8:
With the biggest physical threat out of the way, Naviti now wants to shift their focus to the biggest strategic threats. Troy starts to get a read on the Malolos and doesn't trust Devon at all, so he proposes voting for him. Meanwhile, Mary is fuming mad her new alliance voted against her wishes, and straightup leaves it. Hope also starts to try and become more social. She forms a relationship with both Troy and Trey, two of the bigger threats of the tribe. Brant, Devon, Hope, Madelyn, Mary, and Snow win reward, and they choose to send Trey to Ghost Island. He doesn't find a secret advantage. Aline wins her first immunity challenge, and everyone begins to strategize. Since the Malolo tribe is fractured, Juliette suggests splitting the votes 4-3 between Devon and Madelyn, knowing that someone has to have gotten the Naviti idol during the second swap. Kathy, Snow, and Devon start to feel like their days are numbered, but Devon tells his allies of his idol and plans to play it. The three plan to vote for Mary. Meanwhile, Mary and Madelyn plan to vote Devon, as they always saw him as shifty. At tribal, Devon plays his idol, negating 6 votes, and forcing a 3-3 tie between Mary and Medelyn. A revote occurs, and everyone believes Madelyn will be the one to go home, but Aline, Hope, and Surf are still mad at how she treated them after last tribal. They convince Brant to vote Mary, and Mary becomes the second juror in a 7-3 revote.

Episode 9:
After that tribal, Devon is now public enemy number one, and Madelyn is incredibly mad at him for being the reason his closest ally is now out of the game. She talks to Trey and tells him she wants Devon out at all costs, and Trey plans to use her vote to get Devon out. Brant, Surf, Juliette, Kathy, and Trey win reward, and Hope is sent to Ghost Island, who can wager her vote, but chooses not to. Madelyn wins immunity, to make sure she isn't targeted. The plan seems set to vote out Devon, but Juliette and Aline both are starting to get super uncomftorable around Brant, who they believe could strangle them in their sleep. They both have different options in trying to turn everyone against Brant. Aline starts getting to know Kathy, hoping her and Snow can be the ones to help her, but that backfires, when Kathy tells Snow that Aline is trying to manipulate them, causing both to want to vote for her. Juliette meanwhile does more around camp, so everyone trusts her more. Troy believes that Hope came back with an idol, as she told him she didn't lose her vote, and that makes him super suspicious of her. Juliette tries to convince Trey to help her get Brant out, but Trey tells her it would be foolish to give up the majority to Malolo. Trey, Madelyn, Hope, Surf, and Brant still are voting Devon. Devon becomes the third juror in a 5-3-2-1 vote.

Episode 10:
In this episode, the tribes are told that there will be two different tribals, with two different immunity winners. The first group consists of Hope, Kathy, Madelyn, Snow, and Troy, while the second group has Aline, Brant, Surf, Juliette, and Trey. Kathy and Aline win immunity for their separate groups.
In the first group, there are two duos, of Madelyn and Hope, and Snow and Kathy, and both duos want Troy as their swing vote to get the other duo out. Madelyn tries bonding with Troy, but he already doesn't trust her, and also doesn't trust Hope, who he thinks may have an advantage. Kathy takes a different approach, and actually makes an alliance with Troy to get them through the vote. Naturally, Troy would much rather work with Kathy, and Madelyn starts to believe this, so Hope tells her about her idol. Troy, Kathy, and Snow all agree to vote Madelyn together, as she's been on the outs. At tribal, Hope plays her idol on Madelyn, negating three votes, and making Troy the fourth juror in a 2-0 vote.
In the second group, all five members are aligned, and Trey doesn't want to pick off anyone that is loyal to him, so he recommends going for Surf, but both Juliette and Aline still try to get him to vote off Brant, telling him he gutted a fish and scared them with it once. Trey is immediately weirded out, and agrees Brant is way too unpredictable to keep around. Aline and Juliette promise that the three of them will stick together, and a final three deal is made. Quickly roping in Surf, Brant becomes the fifth juror in a unanimous 4-1 vote.

Episode 11:
With that tribal, Malolo and Naviti are now both even, with four players each. Hope starts to regret her decision of idoling out Troy, and believes that her tribe is now against her. She wants to make a move, and go against social threat Aline, so she talks to Kathy and Snow to see if they're on board, and they are surprisingly compliant. Kathy, wanting Hope to get an advantage to help them, wins reward, shares it with Snow, Trey, and Madelyn, and sends Hope to Ghost Island hoping she gets an idol. Hope, however, decides not to wager her vote, believing that it is too big of a risk if she wants her move to work. Madelyn wins her second immunity, and talks to Trey and Juliette about wanting Snow gone, as she is a social threat. Meanwhile, Hope starts to try and get Surf on board with her plan to vote Aline, but Surf, thinking Aline is hotter, tells Aline of Hope and Kathy's plan. Wanting Malolo numbers down, Aline tells Surf to vote Kathy, and she purposefully defies Juliette and Trey's plan to vote Snow. Juliette tries to enforce the vote to Surf but he argues with her, not wanting to be told what to do. At tribal, voted between Snow and Aline tie, 3-3-2, and on the revote, Surf switches his vote to Snow. Snow becomes the sixth juror in a 4-2 revote.

Episode 12:
Hope continues to drift away from her tribe, and starts to bond with Kathy, who is extremely desperate after losing her closest ally. Juliette and Trey are mad at Aline for defying them, but are still glad they got their desired outcome in the end. The two agree they have to break up Surf and Aline so Aline can be loyal to them. Juliette gets into a fight with Surf and this leads Surf to have a meltdown, wondering why this game is no longer chill anymore. Trey also wants to take extra precaution, and goes looking for an idol. He finds the idol, which is the idol Evan used in Game Changers that accidentally sent Astrid, his ally home. Aline and Juliette win reward and share it with Surf, sending Madelyn to Ghost Island. Madelyn wagers her vote and loses. She wins immunity, however, to make sure nothing goes wrong. At reward, Juliette and Surf make up, and Aline and Surf convince her to vote Hope. Trey, however, comes prepared. He tells Kathy that Surf and Aline want her gone, and it is best to vote Surf. He also ropes in Hope. Surf becomes the seventh juror in a 3-2-1 vote.

With Surf gone, Aline has no choice but to work with Trey and Juliette, and Trey tells her that he has an idol to gain her trust. Hope wins immunity and shares reward with Trey and Kathy. Hope and Kathy need eachother and form an alliance on reward. Juliette and Hope also bond, but Hope knows she's closer to Trey than to her. Aline, Juliette, and Trey plan to split votes between Madelyn and Kathy in case someone from Ghost Island has an idol. Hope and Kathy want Aline out for winning lots of challenges and being super social, and Madelyn wants Juliette out. Trey, believing Aline is getting targeted, plays his idol for her, and two votes are successfully negated. Madelyn becomes the eighth juror in a 2-1-1-0 vote.
Aline wins the next immunity, and it becomes more and more evident to Hope and Kathy that Aline, Trey, and Juliette have a final three deal. Trying to get in on that action, Kathy, now the last Malolo standing, talks to Aline and tries to make a last-minute alliance with her, but Aline wants nothing to do with it, as every Malolo on the jury would vote Kathy. Despite this, they see Hope as the bigger threat between her and Kathy, and a straightforward vote occurs. Hope becomes the ninth juror in a 3-2 vote.
Aline wins the final immunity and now gets to pick who she takes to the top three with her, and who has to make fire. Out of everyone, she knows that Juliette is likely the least likely to win between anyone else, as Trey ran the whole game, and Kathy is the final Malolo standing, so it is pretty obvious who she picks. Kathy and Trey now have to face eachother in the firemaking challenge for the final spot in the final three, and Trey beats Kathy, eliminating the final Malolo from the game.
Aline, Juliette, and Trey face the jury and deliver their closing arguments. Aline talks about how she won four immunities, and also played a great social game, using her charms to manipulate Surf into flipping to give Naviti the edge on the first few merge tribals. Juliette tells everyone that she masterminded the strategy behind the votes, voluntarily splitting in anticipation of Devon's idol play for example. Trey tells everyone about how he went into the game with a huge target on his back, especially since his brother played before and was a huge villain, but he put targets on other people, and ran the votes from start to finish when the merge hit. It was a hard decision, but it the jury ultimately put their votes on who was in on most votes. Aline spent many votes trying to get Kathy out to no avail, and Juliette did the same with Madelyn. As a result, Trey Durante is crowned the winner of Swoldow's Survivor: Ghost Island in a 5-4-1 vote.
Hope is crowned fan favorite due to her idol play on Troy, and her underdog game.

Potential Returnees: Trey, Juliette, Aline, Kathy, Hope, Madelyn, Surf, Snow, Troy

Now that that's done, we will be moving onto a season I've been wanting to simulate for a long time. People from different walks of life will be categorized based off of their stories. One tribe of people who have overcame adversity, and the other, with people with some form of privilege. Signups for Swoldow's Survivor: David vs Goliath coming soon!
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